Help needed! Which bag is a keeper?

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Which bag to keep?

  1. PRADA CAHIER red/black

  2. Alexander McQueen Jeweled Satchel

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  1. Votes are 50-50 for now. Haha. Not easy...
  2. Still undecided so I took these photos side by side 20181130_120940.jpg 20181130_120948.jpg
  3. I vote for the Mcqueen. The Prada has too much going on in my opinion.
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  4. Prada
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  5. Alexander McQueen all the way. To me the Prada is too garish.
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  6. Indeed I do not have a "loud bag" as this PRADA.
  7. I really like that this Prada is a bit "much", I generally prefer quite plain bags, but this has such pretty details, imagine it paired with to for example a white, cozy knit sweater in the wintertime, etc. It can really lift a plain outfit. And this particular color combo would be perfect for the holiday season.

    And now that I see that there is a freaking scull on the Alexander McQueen the bag becomes even more off putting than when it was JUST a thug knuckle duster! Haha. What would Santa say about that?! /Grandma Thenewestgirl.
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    Yes, the PRADA being "centre stage" is what drew me to it. Most of my bags are classic and elegant. The PRADA is over the top but in a good way. I think it is also classic and can be worn for many years to come but so is the McQ.
    I hate skulls and knuckle dusters but once you try this bag in person you see how decadently elegant it is. That's why I still can't decide btw the bags so ALL your opinions are very much appreciated.
  9. Current poll situation :smile: Screenshot_20181202-100410.jpg
  10. Haha, that poll doesn't seem to he helping much!
    I think you need to just listen to your gut on this one! Which one would you miss more if you let it go?
    I've found that to be a more helpful question in contrast to "which one do I want more?".
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  11. Good point!
  12. Ladies, thank you so much for your replies.
    I have decided to keep the McQueen. It fits better with my wardrobe this season.I am still considering the PRADA and might purchase it again at a later date if I can't live without it:smile:
  13. Congratulations on making a decision! It sounds like you made the right choice!
    Now, we need modelling pics! :yahoo:
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