Help needed! Which bag is a keeper?

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Which bag to keep?

  1. PRADA CAHIER red/black

  2. Alexander McQueen Jeweled Satchel

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  1. Hi ladies,
    Got these two bags recently. I like them both. They are so different. Which one is a keeper in your opinion??
    Much appreciated! 20181130_110120.jpg 20181129_125351.jpg
  2. I think the Prada would sell better if you end up getting tired of it, but for me the rings and lack of logo on the first bag make it much more attractive to my taste! Is the first one Alexander McQueen?
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  3. Yes it is Alexander McQ
  4. Thank you for your comment.
    The Alexander Mcqueen is more me but maybe I like the PRADA because it is so NOT me.Super different from everything I have. :smile:
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  5. Thanks Vishala,
    The PRADA is duo tone : red/ black.
    The single colour is A.Mcqueen.
  6. Also I got the PRADA on sale and now looking ot the website the the price is back to normal I.e no discount?! Weird...Go figure...if someone has explanation...
  7. I love PRADA bags. However, Alexander McQueen bags are equally stylish and attractive.
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  8. Yes dear Sakshi Mathur I find the Mcqueen very elegant.
    The Prada is a bit more casual and sassy but one can dress it up if they like
  9. Prada gets my vote. I feel the first one is too plain and I don't like that stuff on the front of the flap. Good luck deciding!
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  10. Why do you want to sell if you like them both?
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  11. I prefer the Prada, but I like the color of the Alexander McQueen more! But I would have chosen the Prada regardless if I had to choose! I don't care for the the knuckle duster detail. Too gangstah for my liking! :biggrin:
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  12. I'm not going to sell them. I'm going to return one as I bougth them online. Can't decide which one to keep though....
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  13. It is nice to hear other pple's thoughts about it. Helps with the decision- making.
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  14. Does the comfort factor of chains strap/vs leather strap matter to you? And if you're a bag keeper and not a flipper, I'd really say go with the one you're more excited about and/or is harder to obtain.
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  15. I have never sold/flipped any of my bags. That's why not really bothered about resale value although it is good to know even if you don't sell that you have made a possitive investment. The worst case scenario for me is I gift bags to my mom and sister. Can't be bothered with sales.
    You are right about the comfort. I often overlook it. Both bags are hefty due to the metal details. Prada strap is removable while Mcqueen is not.
  16. Otherwise in terms of hard to get Prada is harder to find with a good discount and more expensive. For some reason the price on the website I got it has returned to normal. I'm not sure if I got it from Private Sales which are now over. Feeling a bit confused about it, because the colour is for Resort Collection 2019.