Help needed - Where to find Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100mm?

  1. Hi tpfers,

    I wonder if you have come across Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100mm in either silver, black or gold in size 37? I have been searching for them for many months now. Those I saw are usually 120mm in my size.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have seen the black patent pigalles in 100mm at several department stores recently, but I have only seen the silver and gold in 120mm. Are you looking for the original straight heel or the newer curved heel? I haven't seen any 100mm with the straight heel.
  3. Hi Kamilla,

    I don't mind the heels as long as it's 100mm. Which stores are you referring to? Dp you know if there's any web-sites that ship int'l sell them?
  4. Which version of the Pigalle 100 are you looking for?

    There's (1) the one with the sculpted heel



    and (2) the limited-edition one with the classic stiletto heel


  5. Queenie,
    I saw the black patent pigalle 100 with the curved heel at BG last week (or 2 weeks ago). I am not sure if they will ship internationally but I don't see why not. You can try calling them, the number is 212-753-7300. The other pigalles that I saw there are black suede, wine/purple suede, and electric blue suede.
    I also saw a brown python pigalle 100 with the straight heel (which I believe is very rare) at Saks this weekend. I picked up a pair because they are so pretty and suprisingly very comfortable, that 20 mm difference really helps.
  6. ^OMG! I want those black ones! Are they still available?
  7. The black leather Pigalle 100's with the classic stiletto heel (see picture above) was a sold-out limited edition shoe. You can check eBay and periodically a few sizes may pop up. What size are you looking for?

    The black patent Pigalle 100's with the sculpted/curved heel is still available at a few dept. stores (such as BG).
  8. I was at BG again this afternoon (I can't stay away from that store, sometimes I feel like it's my version of the Cheers bar).
    Ok this is what they had in the pigalle 100MM, I hope that I am remembering this correctly:
    Black Patent Leather w/ curved heel
    Red Patent Leather w/ curved heel
    Brown Tiger Print w/ straight heel
    Black Kidskin leather w/ straight heel - or maybe it was the curved heel
    Suede w/ straight heel in black, purple, electric blue and beige/camel
    Red glitter w/ straight heel
    Black glitter w/ straight heel
    I think I got that all right.

    Greenleaf - check BG because I am almost positive the black kidskin leather was in the straight classic heel, like Foxy's shoes.
  9. I need to get to NYC! I cannot wait. One more month. The Pigalle is the one style that alludes me. I am resigned to the fact that the 120mm will not be part of my collection.
  10. ^ same here! I really am kicking myself for passing up on a great price of the 100mm in the sculpted heel in white.
  11. foxycleopatra, thanks for the pictures. Make me want it even more. I don't have a preference over the heels.

    Thanks Kamilla850 for the details!!! You're such a babe. Pls do post picture of your brown python for me to :drool:
  12. Queenie you might later change your mind about your heel preference. aesthetically they are quite different many believe that the straight heel is sexier but more importantly the sculpted heel tends to be a little more comfortable if you are not used to heels.
  13. I went to NM today and they have the 120 in black with the classic heel. I asked about the 100 and the SA told me they didn't have any because they were last season's. :shrugs:

  14. ^ oh..maybe then they'll show up in the NM Last Call sale!

  15. Queenie - no problem!! I hope that you like one of the styles/colors/fabrics that I mentioned.
    I have posted the brown python 100mm pigalle in the "Post Pics of your Louboutins" thread. Check them out and give me your opinion please.