Help needed - Wedding present

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  1. Hi,

    Looking for some help :smile:. So I’m buying my fiancée a diamond necklace as a wedding present.

    I was originally looking at tiffany DBTY, but for the same price that I can buy a sliver chain 0.17 carat tiffany piece, I can get a 0.42 carat diamond and white gold / platinum chain from blue nile.

    So I’ve decided on my diamond and feel like a 16 inch chain would be the correct size for her since she is quite petite.

    However looking for some help and advice with regards the setting:

    I’m currently stuck between the following two:

    Blue Nile Petite Bail Pendant


    Bezel Set Solitaire Pendant Setting – which I know might make the diamond look bigger so might be a better choice?

    I have managed to find pictures of other people who have bought:

    Here is the bezel set with a similar sized diamond

    Here is the petite Bail although with a larger diamond(0.58 carat)

    So basically I need help with which one to choose...
    If it was you which would you rather have?
    Do you think the Bezel option is better as it increases the size?
    Or the more classic Bail but smaller in appearance?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. It really depends on your fiancée's tastes, but I prefer the look of the bezel. I think it's a more modern look than the bail. I'm sure she'll love whatever you pick!
  3. I would pick the bezel set pendant. A diamond pendant can quickly look a bit stuffy, and I think the bezel keeps it looking fresh and modern. Good luck deciding!
  4. Thanks for your replies! A modern look sounds like a good plan. What do you think of the blue nile bezel? - I’ve read a few reviews that suggested the “ears” are a little on the big side? Does that make sense?
    Anyone else have any thoughts?
  5. What do you mean by ‘ears’? I say bezel as well. My ring is from Blue Nile and it’s beautiful. Plus they have a good return policy if she’s not happy. They also have a ‘trade up’ policy.
  6. I like the petite bale better because it moves along the chain. Don't have to worry about centering it during the day.
  7. I meant the part that connects the chain to the pendent.

    Do you think that’s the bezel setting will male the diamond seem bigger? I’m a little worried that the petite bail would require a larger diamond to really stand out.

    Is there any particular style which wouldn’t flip as much as the other?

    Sorry for all the questions, as you can probably guess my jellwery knowledge isnt the best
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    Last edited: Aug 10, 2018
    I see what you mean, and they are a bit big. I'm not sure what your budget or timeline is, but here are some other options:

    Brian Gavin Barbara-this one is a bezel that moves along the chain
    Brian Gavin Fixed Bezel
    Whiteflash Bezel
    Etsy-this one looks nicer in person. I own it in the .3 size

    I've purchased items from each of these vendors and have been very happy with everything.
  9. BN bezel does look to have rather big and chunky ears, I'm personally not a big fan as it looks like a mickey mouse to me.

    BGD's Barbara setting is one of my all time favorite. And sliding pendant means it will always stay on the center and not shift.

    Bezel does increase the visual size so it will make the overall stone look bigger. I very much prefer the bezel to the bail personally.
  10. What a lovely gift for your bride! You sound like a real catch! I like a sliding bezel. I have a fixed 3 prong martini diamond that is always off center and drives me nuts. 16 in is a pretty short chain...17 could be a safer length. I am very petite with a long slender neck but have muscular shoulders so I need an 18-19 inch chain, minimum.
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