Help needed w/ TJMaxx find!

  1. This is a t TKMaxx in London. It was the small black quilted matelasse. It did have cards but not the mirror. It was 350 pounds though. The SA told me they have had Prada too...
  2. Oh my gosh, that is so funny - you are in London - I'm watching BBC news right now here in America. Our U.S. news broadcasts are so depressing right now that I've switched to BBC. There is something soothing about listening to the news, when it is delivered with a British accent.

    Didn't mean to switch from the OP topic - I'll check out our local T.J. Maxx for any finds!
  3. i know the brand and the bag that you're talking about. is it green with purple? i saw it at daffy's and it was about $200
  4. I have a Sophia C bag and it is gorgeous. Great leather. I got it at at TJ maxx.