Help needed w/ TJMaxx find!

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  1. I saw a bag at TJ Maxx that is exactly what I've been looking for - large shopper in deep green crinkle leather (wanted navy, but settling). It is Italian, "Sophia C" is the brand - but the price tag had been pulled off. I've never heard of this brand and for all I know it could be an $80 bag. The store manager said, "It looks expensive, and it's Italian," and put a $179 price tag on it. Fine, if that can be justified - but I'm not yet convinced. They are holding it for me while I research. Please help if you can. Thanks!
  2. Usually the Italian leather bags at the maxx are about $150-$200, just to give you a ref. point. I would do some heavy negotiations with them and try to find a similar size bag in the "Italian" leather brands and do some talking. If a similar size and quality is $179, then fine, but if less expensive then I would pass if they won't budge.
  3. i would wait, tjmaxx stuff always get marked down
  4. my senior year in highschool I worked at TJMaxx and your best bet is finding something similar-same color, brand, etc. If the price is gone they will go with what is similair. Also, examine the purse in and out- if there is ANY marks, they will probably take it to the first markdown. Good Luck!
  5. I know I got a medium sized Italian leather bag from TJ's for $90 (got 10% off because it had a small mark on it) that was from Bloomie's and retailed for around $200. $179 seems a bit high but it really depends on how big the bag is.
    For reference, if you search on eBay for "sophia c" (with quotes), there are two largish bags with buy it now prices of around $300.
  6. Hm... is the brand spelled with a "ph" or an "f"? If you search with an f on eBay you get a few more. (including a red shopper that retailed for $500... according to the seller).
  7. This post might help! Maybe you can have a mod add the name "Sofia C" to your subject line for more responses?

    Good luck!:yes:
  8. Thank you all for the great advice (and for the eBay research)! Armed with that information, I went back to the store today and negotiated the bag down from $179 to $119! Needless to say, it is in my closet now :smile: Chapelhillgirl:woohoo:
  9. Chapelhillgirl:

    You got a great deal on the bag! I saw it today in the green color and it was marked at $199.00

    Enjoy your new bag!
  10. You rock girl, way to go!
  11. Congratulations!!! Will you post pics?

    I am shocked to see the negotiate! I'm so going to try that the next time I love something there but it has a ding or whatever. Just learned something awesome! Thank you.
  12. Yay! Post pics! You're lucky, sometimes finding an item without a tag is an advantage, I found a piece (card holder) of a guess wallet, and I really liked it to hold my cards in my purse and the lady was going to give it to me for $5 but then she went down to $3 so it was a cool buy.
  13. Congrats!

    I do remember at my TJ maxx there was a hobo international bag with a $200 price tag. It got marked down to $149, then $99, then $65. I was curious if it would go any lower, and the next time i checked, it went back to $200! And this is over a course of maybe four months. I know it was the same bag because there was just a stack of tags, and the handle had a distinct deformity. anyway, the point of that was, the prices may go down, but they may also go back up!

    Glad you were able to negotiate and you didn't wait it out!
  14. We have that brand in TKMaxx in UK too. I dont recall it striking me as very expensive. Could you call another store in a town nearby and see if they have any.

    I went to TKmaxx yesterday and saw a Balenciaga bag there. Its crazy!!
  15. Are you kidding me? Balenciaga? If you go back, could you get the details? Size, price, and if it still has the card - year? I need to stop at my T.J. Maxx!