Help Needed: Torn between Dr. Q Lil Riz.

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  1. Hello TPFer babes!

    I feel like getting Dr. Q Lil Riz. I dont mind past season's collection. Currently looking at these two:
    1. In slouchy taupe leather.
    2. In patented croc skin. charcoal.

    Which should I get? I'm more concerned about the weight and difficulty of maintainess of the bag. I love both colours!

    Please advice babes. I'm torn between both and would only get one. :smile:

    Much thanks!!


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  2. Neither of them are particularly heavy bags so you are in luck there!

    You will get a much longer run out of the taupe versus the croc since the Croc of Q has had a lot of peeling problems. Are you looking for every day usage? Definitely the taupe, if so!
  3. That's a fast reply babe!

    Yes, I'm thinking of using it frequently.

    I didn't know the croc has peeling probs. I'm just a novice when coming to maintaining that taupe leather bag.

  4. I have the one in Dr. Q... in the big size...
    i love it!
  5. Any modeling pics babe?

    How many sizes are there??
  6. i like the taupe. too many quality issues with the croc line. take it from rachie!
  7. The taupe since it is more versatile.
  8. Definitely the taupe. More practical, timeless, and high-quality.
  9. I can't go past the leather Taupe...because of the better quality
  10. ooooooooooooo. thanks dearies. you've been very helpful!!

  11. #12 Feb 19, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2010
    becareful with this in the patent leather,the leather peels i had to return it :sad: