HELP NEEDED!! Toffee/ caramel or Ink Shrug?

  1. Hey gals,

    I've finally decided to buy the shrug (the day will be next) and have also decided to take a chance and buy on eBay!

    I've contacted both sellers, and am confident that they are legit (seller and bag)

    But I can't CHOOSE!

    I already have a Navy Blue 05' Twiggy, so I'm thinking maybe I should go with the Toffee colour... as Ink is kinda bluey?

    This one is super-gorgeous

    eBay Australia: NIB FABULOUS Fall 06 BALENCIAGA SHRUG Hobo Bag (item 160066199208, end time 28-Dec-06 12:52:32 AEDST)

    and then the ink

    eBay Australia: AUTHENTIC Balenciaga 06 INK shrug NWT (item 200062086302, end time 01-Jan-07 08:42:27 AEDST)

    Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated!

    - Jo -
  2. Brown for sure! Yummy!
  3. Mmmmm... I'm sooo close to picking that one!
  4. I think the brown one is really pretty too BUT it is awfully veiny..if you don't mind then go for it. I really really like the ink one really can't go wrong w/ either but since you already have one in the blue family the brown might be a good choice.
  5. I personally prefer veinier bags (more character) and I will apply some LMB moisturizer so it looses the shine/ veins a little...

    Two to the brown... :smile:
  6. ^^ another vote for the brown shrug :wlae:
  7. I never made a note of how many votes would equal me buying her...

    Im waiting for the seller to get back with a couple more pics and then I think I'll be bidding my little butt off!
  8. Brown! I think the shrug details are better visible on lighter leather.
  9. I like the Ink one better...Ink color is so chameleon like. :love:
  10. In the Shrug style, I'd go for brown!
  11. Is the brown Cognac? I love that one!!
  12. Cognac for sure, it just radiates Balenciaga cool.
  13. Brown it is girls!
  14. I'll vote for Ink here...
  15. both lol i cant decide