Help Needed TODAY Purse Girls!!!!! Nyc Shopping!!!

  1. OK I'm going on a little weekend trip to nyc with a beau and we're staying at the Ritz Carlton on Central Park South.

    He is a true shopping fanatic so a couple to strolls through some high-end stores are a given....

    My question is "In what direction should I ummm.... point him for my optimum happiness?"

    I know the hotel is on 6th Avenue and Central Park South I havent caled the concierge yet for an exact cross street or their shopping advice...( I trust my girls here first) ;)

    I really just NEED one or 2 good bags maybe some shoes something pretty for the summer...but i dont want to hit him for something ridiculous maybe a couple of things in the $600- 900 range so i seem reasonable

    I need shops, shop girl names, addresses or numbers so i can call ahead ....all suggestions are welcome...

    I AM SOOOO EXCITED about seeing him then i get to spend easter in with my parents while im in town....what could be better!!! :biggrin:
  2. Bergdorf Goodman is on 58th and 5th. That's always a good start and very close.
  3. and after Bergdorfs also in that area are Barneys (61st & madison) and bendels (5th & 56th)
  4. For nice bags in the $600-900 range, Bergdorf's 5th floor, Barney's COOP (inside Barneys), and Saks (forgot if it's their 4th or 5th floor carrying the more "modern" labels) are good places to look -- most of the bags there fit that price range.
  5. I'm sooo jealous........................
    Have a great time at the Ritz
  6. im slowing falling in love with you women :love: :love:

    now selection at chanel, burberry and prada on 57th worth my time or a waste????

    what about the gucci on 5th???
  7. you can find chanel and prada at saks, there's a better prada on 5th and 56th, i think the 57th st boutiques are less fab than the dep't stores--bergdorf for sure, barneys, bendel for funkier stuff (but no shoes)

    if it's a nice day take a stroll UP madison from 60th, there you will find every boutique ever, chloe, prada, chanel, YSL, plus intermix and all kinds of other cute places.

    have fun!
  8. thank you ladies...i sooo appreciate you :idea:
  9. And don't forget Tiffany... 57th and 5th Ave! Can't miss it. That area of 5th is the best :smile:
  10. the chanel on fifth avenue is great (especially their jewelry selection)....but if you're looking for a more extensive selection (and have a car) you should really consider driving up to manhasset (their have an incredible chanel)

    also.....while you're at barney's don't neglect the madison avenue side of the city.....they have another chanel, an hermes, fendi, longchamp, and countless other stores......
  11. Walk up and down fifth ave... tons of stores there... then take a cab to soho.
  12. I don't really have any suggestions but I love NYC and have fun! I usually go every fall with a couple of friends....we always see a show, too - are you seeing anything! It's a fun, fun city!