Help Needed to tracking down Timeless Clutch in HK

  1. Hi everyone! I'll be in HK this weekend (17-20 Nov) and am hoping to find a Timeless Clutch while I am there. I am hoping there are HK tpf-ers out there who will be able to tell me where timeless clutches still available? I'm happy with either cavier or patent. Would be so grateful if anyone could also find out how much in HK$ it is going for now, after the px increase *sobs*.
  2. Caviar timeless clutch should be HK$9,800 (approx. USD1272), satin timeless clutch might be a bit less. I saw both at the basement of the Prince's Building Shop, I believe you can still able to find them. Good luck!
  3. If you are in US, there's plenty floating around, which color are you looking for?
  4. Saw black caviar timeless clutch at boutiques @ Canton Road & Intercontinental Hotel Kowloon today. Retails for 9300 HK$. There was also 1 black satin timeless clutch @ Canton Boutique. Good Luck!
  5. Thanks everyone!! Was thinking of a red or a white. Possibly a patent. Will deffo check out the black caviers at Canton and the Intercon this weekend!Thankye!!