Help needed to make my choice:)

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  1. A15C97FC-04D7-417E-BBEA-CEFCA47DBAF9.jpeg hi guys,

    I pulled the plug on the Dauphine backpack. I ordered her pre Covid and I was able to have the store ship her last week. I love her but I find her a bit big on me and I am at the last holes..
    And then there is the BOite a chapeau. I was in love when I first tried her on but hesitated because of the zipper. I was scared of scratching my watch every time I would have to get things in or out. But now.. I’m stuck between the two.
    Which would you choose?
    Help! :smile:

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  2. It doesn't sound like you are in love with either bag... could you return both and look for something else?
    Between the two I actually quite like the Dauphine backpack on you. Do you mean the straps are too long/short by "the last hole"?
  3. Yes, the straps are at the last hole leaving a gap on my back..
  4. I think the backpack looks best on you :loveeyes: But if you feel like it's too big on you, you might not end up using it? Honestly it doesn't look too big at all.
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  5. I don't think any of these "designer backpacks" are meant to sit flush against your back like a practical nylon backpack. I have the Clapton backpack and not the Dauphine, so not sure it these would work:

    You can try to crisscross the straps (connect each strap diagonally across vs straight down so that they form an "x" on your upper back) - I find that the backpack straps are less likely to slide off my shoulders this way and also helps with the pack lay closer to my body.
    I actually prefer to wear my backpacks "crossback" - it's very functional for me this way. I attach a single strap diagonally across and sling it across my back. It's like a crossbody that doesn't keep shifting to the front of the hip.
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  6. To be honest, I'm not in love with either of the two! But would go with the backpack over the Boite. The backpack definitely doesn't look too big on you, but I wouldn't say it matches your outfit very well :doh: (That's probably just me being picky). The Boite seems a little bulky, and if you're worried about it scratching your watch that you wear daily , I wouldn't go for it! Pick something you love and have no qualms about. :flowers:
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  7. Backpack over Boite definitely
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  8. I haven't fallen in love with anything Dauphine yet, so I choose the Boîte. But don't think the backpack looks too big on you, proportionally.

    I agree with another poster-you don't seem to really like either, so can you return both and start over?
  9. I do love both but they each have something that I’m unsure of.... for the price I mean.. at 4000$ CAD for a bag, I want to be sure...:smile:
  10. I love the Dauphine on you! While I always liked this bag - seeing it on you is really selling it! I wouldn't expect it to see flush like a traditional backpack and it looks like it's sitting as it should. It's such a unique piece - that would be my vote.

    Enjoy whatever you choose!
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  11. The Dauphine Backpack suits you more...:smile:
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