HELP NEEDED to identify a bag I "need"! Dior?

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  1. I fell in love with a bag about... 2 years ago in Harvey Nichols in London. I THINK it was a Christian Dior bag, so I'm going to try and describe it, and hopefully a fellow bag-addict will help me to identify it:

    Black leather in layers. Rectangles of black leather sewn onto the bag almost in leaves, so the bag looked like a mass of layers of leather - fairly square in shape, and I think the handle was bone/horn? It was a classic design, and it came in a few (muted) colours and sizes.

    I would give body-parts for one - so if someone out there can confirm if it WAS in fact Dior (or someone similarly established/classic?) and what the model was called, I'd be hugely grateful!

  2. I think that was a YSL bag. First because HN doesn't stock Dior but also because the bone andle is very YSL. I think it maybe the mombasa?
  3. What you are describing is definetely YSL. I do not know the style name, but just went on eBay to try and find out. There are 2 in pink, and one in black. I don't know if they are authentic...but you can go check them out to confirm that they are what you are looking for!
  4. Thank you SO much - Yves St Laurent is ringing bells now. I'm about to become poorer... if I can find one in good condition!
  5. ST TROPEZ!!! It's the YSL St Tropez! Thank you SO much LondonBrat and AnneMerrick - your efforts have helped me to find the bag. If anyone out there HAS a St Tropez they're bored of (crazy fool!) please put it on eBay :smile:
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