Help needed to find these Louboutins.

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  1. Wondered if anyone have seen a pair of the CL Collier Montee Sandles in Silver. I found the shoes on Net-a-porter but are sold out of every size except 40, I need a 39.5 and thats up half a size already to what I normally take. I have tried Selfridges, Harrods, Saks, NM. also tried CL in Bond St.

    Has anyone seen these any where or know where else I can try. Thanks:smile:
  2. have you tried Browns?
  3. or calling colette in paris? not sure if they do phone sales though.
  4. Yes tried them to, going mad trying to find these shoes, just bought a new Fendi spy and want the shoes to match.

    Also tried Matches, Barneys.

  5. No have not tried colette, but need phone sale, plus do not speak French and they have a hard time understanding me when I have phone Paris before
  6. also has CL - they are a concept store in Munich but international sales. they only have a black satin one but maybe in the shop another one. not all their online contents are the same with shop stock.

    you could try calling them as well.

    good luck, hope any of this helps.

    btw, ^ not sure if colette even sells CL - that was just an assumption of mine. in that case you could of course also just call CL in Paris - again not sure if they do online/phone sales, but you could always try :smile:
  7. oh, just saw your post. hm that is not good. if you find a problem with Theresa, you can always pm me, and I can give them a call for you ;).
  8. Thanks Lara, went on that site and saw they did not have them but will try ringing, good idea.

    I think going up a full one size the shoes will be to big??????
  9. hm, i have my louboutins in different sizes. usually i wear 4/37 but i have one pair in 5/38, and they r fine. a little loose but not too big. i had others in 38 and I needed a half insole. but then they were fine as well. you could always try and then return them, if you don't have a chance to try them in the shop.

    but shoes are tricky IMO, sometimes half size up is not enough, and sometimes they are too big in your usual size. hope you will find them though or that the 40 fits!
  10. ahh Saich, I would agree, its well worth the delivery charge at NAP to see, just see, if these babies fit.

    Louboutins are soooo hit and miss with sizes, I would definitely take the risk!!!

    good luck, I love these shoes
  11. Thanks Chloe_babe and lara, will take your advice and order the shoes today. I shall give it a try as really cannot find these shoes anywhere. They must be so popular as sold out of every size and they would go perfectly with my new spy bag.
  12. oooh so hope they are going to be your cinderella shoes, and the perfect fit lol ;)

    be sure to let us know when they arrive :smile:
  13. How about a full size up with "Party Feet" in them?
  14. Took your advice Chloe ordered the 40, they are coming tomorrow. Riffraff will try the Party Feet. They are sling backs with elastic in the back strap soooooooooo hoping they will be OK, they will match my new Crackle spy perfectly
  15. are they here yet saich!!!!

    so crossing my fingers they fit :biggrin: