Help needed to decide on Birkin!!

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  1. #1 Apr 19, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2014
    Hi lovely TPFers-
    Out of the three , which one do you think should be my first H bag? So Kelley, double send, or Evelyn.

    Am little back ground on me. I am a mom of a little 2 year old, but I never use a handbag with her. Always the good trusty MJ diaper bag. I like very classic designs and this bag will probably be my daily go to work to dinner bag. Also, I am 5.1.
    Please tell me what you guys think. :smile:
  2. The SA told me that if I keep my relationship with her, she will get me my dream bag. Also, I can put my request in ( I might or might not get the bag). What does this mean to you all? Got to keep on spending? And if so, how much do you think I need to buy?
  3. My vote goes to the So Kelly! I'm so happy with mine, such an easy to use bag, good for everyday use. I have the 22 cm. Hope you find the right one for you :smile:
  4. i vote for so kelly. with the adjustable strap... you can wear it over the shoulder, in your hand, or crossbody to keep your hands free to catch up with the little one. it has a classic hermes signature look that your other 2 choices don't. it may be harder to find one in the store though.
  5. from what i have read in many threads here, there is no perfect formula for what to do to be offered a bag from the backroom. i'm new to the brand, but went in the store and called a few times asking for a jypsiere 31 in particular colors. all the sudden, i was offered a kelly!! personally i think you brouse the store, purchase what you like, and let them know to keep an eye out for the bag you're looking for. if they have it, they will offer it to you.
  6. Of all the above choices, I think the So kelly is the most versatile and can go from day to night. However, on most people, the strap will not be long enough for cross body option unless worn with some type of extender. I am only 5'2 and definitely can not quite wear the strap cross body. It is a great bag and if budget allows, I agree that our OP should go for it!:smile:
  7. So Kelly among the three!

  8. Thank you!!! What about the 22cm etain so Kelley as my first H bag?
    I think etain is such a pretty and versatile color?

  9. That would be prefect! Honestly, etain is my favorite color from H. Good luck!!!
  10. So Kelly is my vote too

  11. Anyone have modeling pics? Unfortunately I won't be able to see it before my purchase.

    Thank you everyone for their advice.
  12. Thank you all!! I am going to pick up the etain so Kelley today. So excited!!!!

  13. Sounds great! Once I saw a lady at concert in Lincoln Center with a dark beige( sorry I don't know the name of the color) with GHW and she looks absolutely stunning!

  14. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see your picturs!! :smile: