Help needed to bid on Yahoo! Taiwan Auctions?

  1. I am keen on buying a tokidoki bag from Yahoo! Taiwan Auctions but I seem to have some problem communicating with the seller? And it doesn't help that I can't read and write very well in Chinese. It would be great if someone can help me. Thanks!
  2. aww ok this is one of those moments I wish I paid more attention in my chinese Sunday school when I was a kid ... :sweatdrop:

    I hope someone can help you out with this!
  3. :graucho: I was a chinese-sunday-school-first-grade-drop-out! :lol: best of luck with the auction mytokiluv!:tup:
  4. lol ecny .. yah I didn't last very long either :shame:
  5. I tried to register on taiwan yahoo and they require cell phone verification...i'm in the states and supposedly it's ok to have a foreign number and they'll msg you a code..but i just can't get the msg for some stupid reason..i even tried to use my mom's cell # in china and she said she received nothing yet...:sad: why is it so hard..GAHHH..
  6. If you need help translating I'll be happy to help :smile:
  7. mytokiluv if you hapen to be wanting stuff from the seller luckydeal2 (and holy cow she has a lotta desirable goodies! :drool:)
    she accepts email requests/questions, very helpful and willing to accommodate and she speaks excellent English too! :yes:
    the email is the seller id @
    Good luck! :tup:
  8. envii, what kind of toki does she have?
  9. yeah i wanna know too :graucho:
  10. ecny, TokidokiAngel : Yeah, would never have thought Chinese can be so useful nowadays, especially for toki-hunting. Ha! Ha!:biggrin:

    sweetbee : Yes, I think I have the same problem as you. When I tried registering, it just won't go through.

    eNVii, veyonce : Boy, am I right that there IS someone in this forum who can help reach out to Taiwan! Ha! ha!Both of you are really resourceful! :tup:The seller that you recommend - WoW! She sure does have a lot of highly desirable bags but they are not exactly cheap though. Anyway, will drop her an email and see if she has something I want. :graucho: BTW, what have you bought from her recently?
  11. yeah i give up on verifying my details with Yahoo Taiwan as well *pfffttt* been trying for past few months but always got error in my postal code input ..grrrrr

    i bought a foresta campeggio from luckydeal2 and i was initially keen in the tan playground and the foresta bvs hehe :p
  12. they made an andiamo in foresta? or is that cucciolo??:p
  13. i think its a cucciolo hehe...
  14. yup it is a cucciolo :biggrin: ..she does have lots of goodies..but im just going to pass for now....