HELP NEEDED. Tivoli PM or Epi Jasmin for my first LV????


My first LV



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  1. Hi!! I've been :drool: for LV for quite some time, and finally my DH agreed to loan me
    $1K for my first LV!!! ( I'm early 30ish, housewife, 2 kids). I am leaning towards EPI line and Mono canvas. So, if only you could choose for me.....????

    EPI JASMIN ( in ivory)

    I dont mind handheld bag, not a big bag person cos I'm only 5'1. Which is more versatile, stylish and can last for lifetime???? :flowers:

    P/s I'm open to new suggestions.

  2. tivoli pm
  3. tivoli pm
  4. Epi jasmin
  5. Go for Jasmin.
  6. tivoli
  7. Tivoli PM definitely; much more classic.
  8. Hi Sally,
    If the price is not the issue - get the jasmin because it's about 200 over $1k.
    but the tivoli is less than $1.

    So my vote is Jasmin
  9. Tivoli!
  10. tivoli PM
  11. Get the jasmin! I chose epi for my first LV (speedy 25) and it is still my favorite; there is something very subtle yet exciting about epi!
  12. Although I like the Jasmin, I voted the TIVOLI because I love the shape :smile:
  13. OMG Charleston-mom is back !! :nuts: Im so glad your back
  14. Choose the epi!
    Charleston mom, I miss lilacs too so please post every day so I can look at your lilacs, please?
  15. How about the Se'gur pm , I think it looks more recenicoble and interesting than the Jasmin, with the push lock and flap my vote is for (other), the Se'gur pm. And about the Tivoli (I love it and am on a waitlist for one):yahoo:, but I think the epi leather wil last longer.