help needed! the Passion bracelet

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  1. I'm so in love with it :heart::heart:, but the local stores don't have it yet. Anyone has seen it? How do you like it? The official site doesn't have measurement for it... can someone share the info? TIA~~~
  2. I have posted this info in two other threads but here u go ~ 866 told me it was 7 inches in length.

    I would love to see a IRL pic....someone else posted they had bought it but no pic posted.
  3. I bought the bracelet, and I love it! It's definitely a fun piece, but it's really hard to take a picture while wearing it. LOL

    The only caveat that I have about the bracelet is that the hearts are a shiny gold-plate, so scratches will show easily. If it had been matte, they might not show as much. I think someone else posted modelling pics in another thread.... I believe it was in the LV Reference section.

    The other pieces aren't as nice as the bracelet. The flagship here had all the pieces, and the necklace was kinda cool, the earrings were too dangly for me - too much of an 80's throwback, and the ring was nice, but I'm not really matchy matchy. If you got all the pieces, there is a fair chance you'd look like a Christmas tree, with all the red and gold. The bracelet is "just right" for the amount of red and gold.
  4. Karol, they didn't. We are waiting for you. Please :rolleyes:
  5. Thanks you guys :love:. The bracelet sounds too large for me..:crybaby: I may get the necklace and/or ear rings instead, they are so adorable . Is there a closure on the necklace or have to tie the ribbon?
  6. ^^ the necklace is a really long ribbon which you have to tie ... I would wear it as a waist belt:yes: I prefer the bracelet over the necklace:yes:
  7. All the Passion pieces are on elux now!
  8. ^ I saw that! The bracelet looks so cute, would love to see modeling pics! Does anyone know the sizing of the ring? I only see Medium on Elux, not sure if it only came in one size or if that's all they had available.
  9. culgal, yes, I had been begging those with the bracelet to post modeling photos so I totally understand. I promise I will post modeling photos!

    I am not sure of the sizing of the M ring. Do they have a sizing chart?
  10. The med ring is a size 53....wich don't me that would be a 6.5 usa size. They also told me the ring should come in all three sizes (50, 53, 56) but both elux and only have the 53 listed.
  11. Bracelet is scheduled to arrive soon. On the FedEx truck for delivery!!
  12. Update: It arrived and it was scratched terribly. I am sending it back. Once I receive a new one I will post photos! Ugh!
  13. Okay, the new one will be delivered on Monday. If it is a keeper I will post pics!
  14. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

  15. Did you gtet the bracelet today? Can't wait to see pics.:yahoo: