Help Needed!!! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Today I was bored and I pulled out a pair of old studs that I never wear anymore and I had a brilliant idea...
    I want to turn my old solitaire into a 3stone ring!!!

    I would like to know-
    Can my current cathedral setting have 2 heads added to support 2 side stones?

    Or should I purchase a new semi mount?
  2. This is a solitaire with my studs on either side, I'm squeezing my fingers together to get an idea of how it will look... Ideally I do not want the stones to sit flush, I want the center diamond to sit at the height it is now with the smaller diamonds set kind of low... Does that make sense? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394420897.324136.jpg
  3. It would be very pretty. Not sure what the logistics would be but how fun and exciting!

  4. I hope, I'm super excited. I was disappointed today because one jeweler suggested adding a wrap and then soldering it to my solitaire, I really only want one ring. She then showed me their semi mounts and those had the stones too flush... My personal jeweler isn't open until this Wednesday so I can't even go there and pick his brain!!! Plus I want the center diamond to have 6 prongs and the sides to have 4 set north, south, east, west... I'm so picky!!! 😜
  5. The way you want these prongs orientated will be a custom setting. But you can't really make a solitaire into a 3 stone just by plugging in heads anyway. That's a new setting anyway. They do make stock three stones, just not how you are describing the prong orientation.

    I personally had a HORRIBLE experience with Whiteflash--workmanship related and service after the sale, aka there was none--so I don't recommend them.
  6. I love the idea of it, I hope it turns out exactly how you want!! One thing I noticed is the outer 2 (The Studs) have a whiter look to them and don't match the center stone. Just something to consider when adding the 2 stones. It could be the photo idk, you have a better idea of how the stones look next to each other.
  7. I had my original engagement ring made in to a three stone ring. My DH took the time and effort to buy me matching stones after each one of my Children was born. The Jeweller recommended that I got a new setting. I was able to custom design it with her so I got exactly what I wanted. It is not huge, but by UK standards it is bigger than average. I now have 1 ct, total carat weight and to me it is perfect. I think your new ring will look great. I agree with Ame, by what you have described your setting will definitely need to be a custom design. Enjoy the process xxx

  8. Thank you for your advice. I am going to go with a new setting. My jeweler called me today and he doesn't like how I described the prongs. Since I'm paying I kinda wish he'd just do what I'm asking even if he thinks it won't look right...
  9. The center diamond is set in yellow gold which I think makes it take on a yellowish hue. While the studs are set in a white gold basket setting so they don't. All the stones are in fact white and pretty much the same color. I just find it hard to photograph diamonds with an iPhone, I need macro!
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394472759.436570.jpg
  11. I think it would look better/be safer if you did 5 prongs on the outer stones to mimic the 6 prongs but it's not my ring.
  12. Can you explain what you mean by that? What is your opinion on the mounting below?
  13. That setting looks a little dated to me. The Whiteflash setting is just the setting with no stones.

    I prefer less prongs and I agree with your jeweler on how you describe the prongs.