Help needed! Strange thing has happened to Gucci Rubber wedges!


Jan 5, 2010
Sydney! AU
Hi All,

Got no love in the Gucci forum, so reposting here.. i live in hope :P

Strange thing has happened to my Gucci rubber wedges!
I know this style was/is really popular so i am assuming at least someone on this forum will have these shoes

They havent been worn in a while (many months), and when i pulled them out to give them a trip out, i found that the sole has collapsed into itself!
The sole is now concaved into the shoe - making the toebox extremely tight.
Same problem on both sides of the shoes.

What has caused this? and how do i fix this?
Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do?

Any suggestions, advice and comments welcome.


I don't have a pair so can't comment much, but did you store it stuffed? Near any heat source that might bend the shape of shoes? Rubber is not something that can be fixed easily, if it's fixable to begin with. Perhaps stuff it good and put it near a heat source, to see if that will push it back to in place. Good luck!


Jun 4, 2006
This is easy to fix: wear the shoes, blow dry them for 5-10 mins, and heat up the shoes to mold to your feet.