HELP NEEDED: Speaker broke and I need a replacement

  1. Hi everyone! :idea:

    My uncle came to me today with his broken speaker from his speaker box and asked me if I can find some replacement parts online (they don't have the internet). I looked around online, and the only retailer that I could find was one in Florida - which is a problem since I live in Germany.

    So, I have a question. I know nothing about speakers or how one would go about replacing them. Can I just buy any regular old round 6" speaker and put it in the box???

    Here are some pictures that I took of the speaker, in case it helps:




    On the back of the speaker it reads:


    6 Ohm (I can't find the ohm symbol!)


    I googled the model number of the speaker, and like I said before, only the Florida retailer came up.

    Any help or advice? :jammin:
  2. Help? ANyone? :sad:
  3. I'd take the speaker to a car stereo retailer and ask what a suitable replacement for it would be. Any electronics store should be able to tell you. I wouldn't bother buying this exact speaker because it probably isn't manufactured anymore and will cost you an arm and a leg to replace. Just get the info on what you can put in its place, then go to the internet or eBay and dig up a cheap replacement. I hope this helps, sorry I can't give any more specific info!
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