Help needed: Should I keep the Miu Miu Shopping Pattina?

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  1. Hi ladies, I would like some advice. After coveting the Miu Miu Shopping Pattina for a long time after seeing it on the lovely Chloe, I finally got it as my first Miu Miu. :yahoo: It is the same one, the large size in Calce.

    However when it arrived, I was surprised at how heavy it was, much heavier than all my other bags. Weight is a big issue for me, and even just carrying the bare minimum (e.g. wallet, phone, keys, small makeup pouch), I find the pattina pretty heavy to carry around even just around the house. As a result I this baby hasn't even been out of my house yet .

    Do you also have problems with how heavy your bags are, and how do you solve this? I love everything else about this bag, the colour, the design and everything, so I don't know if I'm just being sensitive about the weight and it is not such a big deal? Your opinions please ladies! :smile:
  2. Did you keep it? How heavy is it? I am thinking of getting one, but I don't like heavy bag.
  3. it's a great bag..

    BUT if u don't love it or not gonna use it.. I'll say bye bye to it

    I personally dont think it is heavy... but DEF. more heavy when compare to RH bal & such.. but it is a shoulder bag.. I think it is bearable
  4. I'm still holding on to it, and while I can't decide whether to keep it or not I won't use it yet. I don't have a weighing scale to see exactly how heavy it is, but it feels heavier than my everyday bag when it is filled, and I know that the everyday bag is about 4.5 lbs (with contents). My shoulder feels the strain just carrying the pattina around the house empty!

    I think all the hardware makes the bag heavy, and the compartments in the bag are divided by leather (if you get what I mean), and it all adds to the weight of the bag. There's a small version in my local consignment store, and I've been contemplating swapping out my large one for the small one, although I think the small one wouldn't be big enough for my daily needs. Decisions decisions!

    kiki119 - do you have this bag? what do you normally have in it?
  5. I drive to work everyday - so just my make up bag, iphone, wallet, keys & minor things
  6. kiki119, thank you for your reply. I will save my money for different bags :smile: