Help needed should I keep or return Artsy mm

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  1. Hi
    Wondering if any of you could help me decide what to do with my Artsy mm. I purchased it preloved (it's practically brand new) after trying on my friends Artsy that she has had for a year. I fell inlove with it so decided to buy my own. I received the mm today & thought that it looked a little smaller then the one I tried. I have now realized the bag I tried (my friends) was the Gm & also that it has been discontinued 😩.

    My question is the handle seems quite tight fitting around my arm, not as comfortable as the GM. Is this due to it being quite new & unbroken in or is it a smaller gap from handle to top of bag in the mm? After time will this relax like the GM or does it stay tight? No point keeping a bag if it's not comfortable & I don't end up wearing it!

    I'm 5'7", medium build, do you think artsy mm would suit my frame? I really love the bag shape but don't know if it would look as good as the GM did.

    I'm so confused as to what to do. Any advice of experiences with either MM or GM would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your help 😊
  2. I'm 5"7 and ~150 pounds. I have the mm and it fits me great. The gm would look humongous on me and I don't see it around at all. The mm is the perfect bag for me. Most people actually think mm is too big lol. The handle will get more comfortable the more you wear it.
  3. I'm 5'7" and have artsy mm in mono and da. For me, I feel it's plenty big. As far as the handle, it will eventually give. I find that when worn in the hot humid summer months, the handle softening happens much faster than the cooler months. My one handle has quite a drop, but it has been worn more than the other. If you have your heart set on the GM, then it may be best to go that route. I feel it would help to know yourself and be honest with yourself regarding this. I'd suggest If there is any hesitation, sit on it and think about it within the return time frame until you know what feels right.
  4. I first thought I wanted an Alma BB (still do...) but when I tried the Artsy MM on in the store a couple weeks ago, I felt it was a better fit for my frame! I'm pretty close to you, 5'7' and about 145 lbs. I think for our body type this bag is a great fit.
    Interesting thing I noticed...I always loved the way Alma BBs looked on Asian girls (the girls I saw with the bag were quite petite) and I wanted that look, too! Then I just saw an Asian girl doing a review on the Artsy; she said she bought it because she loved the way it looked on everyone she saw, but eventually returned it because it did not fit her body type (she was very petite).
    I'm not generalizing anyone here, just speaking specifically to the people I have seen IRL with both kinds of bags...and I realized that sometimes we admire something on someone else and want the same for ourselves. We go get it, but are disappointed when we don't have the same reaction to seeing ourselves with the same bag!
    Just a lesson learned for me. I have to go with my instincts. I also think you might regret the GM. My SA told me LV is discontinuing many of the GM sizes in bags (not Neverfull) but the Artsy and Alma are examples. The GM is not a good size for ALL bags! HUGE bags were a little of a fad, just like mini bags are the fad now. The GM Neverfull is actually functional as a large size because many people use it for travel, but in other handbags it stopped selling. As someone else stated, your stuff just rolls around in there; I have read on the "Which LV purchase did you regret" page that a lot of women regretted the GM size in a bag for that very reason.
    ALSO, I am pretty sure they are only making the 25 and 30 sizes for Speedies now! No more 35 and 40s? They're not great sellers!
  5. It wasn't designed for shoulder carry, so that's what you are experiencing. It has a short drop because it's meant to be an arm-carried bag. SA's will tell you this. Yes I know that people can have tiny arms, or else force the handle to stretch by doing things to it, and that plenty wear it on the shoulder. This means a project to make it work (and some wind up breaking the handle in this attempt).

    Too much aggravation for me, personally. I'd return it if you want a shoulder bag.
  6. I guess I'm the odd women out. I don't have tiny arms. Nor did I force the handle to did it on its own and naturally with use and the summer heat. Mine does not sit at my armpit, it has a nice drop. I wear it 3 ways, hand, elbow and shoulder (most often pushed behind me).

  7. I'm sure it can happen, but a buyer can't count on it. There are lots of people who wind up flipping the Artsy MM because of discomfort of the handle or the lack of drop.
  8. I've read that same thing. And I often wonder if those scenarios involve minimal use of the bag given the initial discomfort they might have experienced, thus giving up on it all together. I'm not suggesting one should have to put up with a bag that hurts, but I am saying for some this process of softening may happen faster if it is used, and in hitter humid weather. I guess I draw a similarity to shoes breaking in...the natural heat of the body, combined with use will help. Or, in some cases, not.
  9. My artsy hurt like a MF when i first got it and i even felt it in my back but i refused to give up on it. now it is so comfortabe and it didn't take long at all for the handle to soften up. I love that bag and i don't think LV has anything else more appealing and sexy. LV needs to think twice before discontinuing it because there isn't anything remotely close to replacing the artsy in all the new releases i see on TPF
  10. Had it sold it. Two actually! Absolutely gorgeous bag absolutely! Just didn't work for me. I have come to realize all bags are not for every one and what works for one may not another. It's the nature of the beast. We are all perfectly different!

  11. My SA told me 6 months ago they were discontinuing it, but I've talked to client services and they said that's absolutely untrue and it's becoming an icon bag for them. I don't know why my SA said that- she was fairly new and maybe just assumed. She also said it was being replaced by the Gïa but that was also untrue.
  12. Hi thank you so much for your reply. We are actually the same height & weight so that's good to know. I think the main problem is the bag is so stiff @ the moment, it definitely needs wearing in. It's given me hope that i may be able to keep it. It's such a beautiful iconic LV bag & I really want to keep it if I can work out a way for it to be comfortable.

    No pressure & if you don't want to I will completely understand, you've already been really helpful but do you have any mod shots you could post or dm me? 😊
  13. Sorry OP you find the bag uncomfy. But go with your gut. If you don't think it'll work out, exchange for one you feel is a better fit for you. You're already spending so much so you might as well get a bag you're in love with because it will serve you well.

    Bags in closets are pretty but no one really loves them as much as the bags that have been everywhere and back with them =] (or maybe that's me)
  14. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458865632.045988.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458865664.098811.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458865735.821125.jpg

    Hope this helps. It's empty in the pictures. I get more of a drop when i put my things in it.
    And please excuse the messy bathroom
  15. Hope this helps. It's empty in the pictures. I get more of a drop when i put my things in it.
    And please excuse the messy bathroom [/QUOTE]

    Looks great on it!