Help needed!! should i keep my white caviar classic flap

  1. I 've already got the white medium caviar classic flap with silver chain...but thinking about getting the white jumbo caviar. Do u guys think i should keep my classic medium flap?
    I was thinking about keeping them both, the jumbo and medium, cos they are so pretty and can use in a differ occasion...but the fact that they r the same colour/ same leather and even the same chain!!! make me think that it would be too silly, to keep them both......:sweatdrop:

    what should i do ?!? .....ur opinions will me very much appreciated :love:
  2. get something different jmo
  3. I don't think you shld keep both since it's the same but in different sizes...why don't u keep the medium one and look for other colors in jumbo (maybe beige, black or any color?)
  4. Another vote for keep what you have and get something new. I found the white jumbo because it's so white looking more like an Eat at Joe's wearable placard. I'm talking the stark white. The medium white is a whole different look not at all overwhelming.
  5. I've got a similar dilemma to yours. I got the Jumbo first but it just didn't work with femminine dresses or for dressy occasions (IMO) so I got the medium too. In hindight I wished I had just bought the medium but I kept both Jumbo and Medium only because I don't feel like going through the hassle of selling on eBay. Don't know how much I'll use Jumbo tho.
  6. you can give it to me for free...(kiddin...or am I?) :lol:
  7. Venusfly: Wait til the weather gets a bit warmer and sell your jumbo. I'm sure someone would love to give it a new home and use it.
  8. I'd keep it if you love it. I also have a white jumbo caviar and a white medium caviar flap with silver hardware. They serve two functions. One is for daytime use and the other is for light days and it also looks great with summer dresses and at more formal functions in the summer. I was thinking of parting with mine but couldnt bring myself to do it. Its so pretty!! I even have a white 05 226 anniversary and I still think it is a totally different bag. I love Chanel white bags!
  9. I'm an enabler... keep them both! :yes:
  10. thanks u think i should keep them both?
    sorry but it jus occurred to my mind that or should i jus keep my medium and get the jumbo in other color? .....what is ur preference between the medium white or the jumbo white? please vote!!!!!
    thanksss so much :smile: