Help needed: should I cancel bid from this buyer?

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  1. TPF experts please help: I listed a bidding on the bay, and the highest bidder has 3 neg feedbacks in this month, and she left neg feedback even for "late shipping" or "There is no indication that can confirm wash notation method", and some seller said she doesn't speak English and never respond to emails. I'm scared that this buyer is a picky/fraud one that could give me troubles, should I cancel her bid? Will I lose credit for doing that?

    Thanks so much for your advice!!
  2. If she sounds that unreasonable, I would definitely cancel this ebayer's bid and put her in my blocked bidder's list. Save yourself from potential problems/ headache :yes:
  3. I agree!
  4. maybe you should message her before cancelling her bid? i mean it could be hurtful if someone's bid got cancelled without notification, doesn't matter how bad the buyer was. that way at least you know it's right to cancel her bid if she doesn't respond.
    hope someone outbids her soon.
  5. I cancelled a bid a few days ago. They bid on a handbag I am selling and they are registered in China, have 3 feedback and wont answer my messages.
    If you feel uncomfortable with it you should cancel. It might be a bit tricky to word a message to them though...
  6. cancel straight away, you dont need the hassle.
  7. Save yourself the headache and cancel her bid and then block her from future bidding. Sounds like a problem waiting to happen. Good luck on the auction!
  8. Thanks everyone for your advise, I just messaged her and canceled her bidding and blocked her, I do care credit more than money!
  9. def cancel and block her
  10. Think you did the right thing by canceling that one. Three negs is a lot. And no communication is a bad sign..:shrugs:
  11. You definitely did the right thing. And for 3 neg feedback I'm sure she has some idea of why she was canceled LOL!