[help needed] second louis vuitton bag

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  1. Hello there..

    uhm i'm a 15 year old girl (i hope you all don't think i'm too young for this forum haha) but i have a question!

    In 2 weeks i'm going to buy my second louis vuitton bag, i already have speedy damier ebene and i'm clueeless..

    should i get an alma monogram or the neverfull MM azur..
    please help!
  2. Well since you're are the same age as me I would pick the Neverfull MM or even GM. It look more young. When I think of Alma I think of older ladies.
  3. Neverfull MM!!! Got it yesterday and I LOVE it!
  4. I would say Alma... More classic! Not a fan of the neverfull!
  5. alma
  6. I would go for the Alma. It is a bag that you can and will grow into.
  7. I would go for the NF, you'll have plenty of time to grow into the Alma :smile:.
  8. I'm not crazy about the Azur NF..I like the ebene or mono better.
    So I say Alma in this case.

  9. ^^agreed!! You'll love the NF!
  10. haha well i think you all must be right about the alma being too mature, maybe i could convice my mom to get it haha.. so now about the NF i really want it in azur because i already have the ebene pattern ebene and nobody in my school has it in azur.. does anybody have it in azur or seen somebody with it in azur, And if so.. does it look plastic?
  11. thanks for all of your replies btw! i really appreciate it.
  12. I have recently seen the NF MM in Azur and it looked very nice, I don't think it looks like plastic at all, it has the same feel as the Damier Ebène but in a lighter shade ;).
  13. The NF in azur looks great! Very light and airy! Not plastic looking at all!
  14. I would get the Azur Neverfull, still matching with your age.
    Wait till you're in college to get the Alma (=
  15. Had the NF..sold it because the straps hurt my shoulder so much! I say the Alma, its such a beautiful bag!