Help needed: Roxy vs Somerst tote

Poppy bagfan

aka Poppy Dogfan
May 31, 2008
I need some help please everyone.

I bought a choc Somerst tote and like it but....I now want a Roxy .... are the similar sizes? Which would you recommend?

I love and own the Elgin and the Roxy tote, the Jody and a sort of Bays (just to give you an idea of what i carry round with me size wise.) does the Roxy hold more than the Somerst tote or less?

Thanks in advance x


Hula O'Hoop
Mar 21, 2007
Well... hard to say! I havent actually used my choc roxanne yet as Im saving it for autumn/winter - Ive only carried it around the house a few times :nuts: Somerset tote I have used and loved, but its now on its way out of the door to make way for new purchase. What I would say though is the somerset is very light, easy to carry, easy to use (get in/out of etc) - roxanne may not have the same advantages due to its weight, fiddly flap etc.
May 7, 2007
Out of these two I only have a Roxy but have looked at the Somerset Totes (I haven't got one because I thinks its too similar to my Phoebe).

I would have thought that they are similar in size but as Hula has said, the Roxy is very heavy.

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