Help Needed!! Relationship Advice!

  1. I am not usually one for talking about problems out loud ( I tend to bottle things up!) But I have just (About ten mins ago) had a MASSIVE row with my other half.

    It was over something quite minor but somehow escalated!! I think I was in the wrong originally ( kind of) but he said some really hurtful things.

    Anyway now he is upstairs in the spare room and I am down hear really dwelling on it! What shall I do - do I apologise even though he has now behaved far worse than me??

    I am such a wimp and hate to argue whereas he takes it all in his stride!

    I am in the Uk and it is nearly 10pm now so shall I just go to bed and leave it be...

    We both have really stressful jobs and I think we have both just had really hard weeks and work and are tired but I am really upset!

    Sorry for going on - any advice appreciated :flowers:


    Rachel x
  2. I would talk before you go to sleep or you may be restless all night
  3. I think that but I am scared of making it worse... I don't know I am c**p at this sort of thing
  4. I say let him have his space. As Winston Churchill once said, "There's very little in life a good night's sleep won't fix." Tomorrow you two will both be calmer and more willing to compromise!
  5. I've been in a situation like that with my boyfriend before. I say just get some rest and things will cool down by tomorrow morning. There's no need to add fuel to the fire that's already burning. You or your boyfriend might say something that you'll later regret if the situation gets reheated again. Just give him some time to calm down. Good luck with your situation.
  6. Sometimes if things get really heated, I take a breather (break) or a timeout, that way I'm less likely to say something I'll regret. I'll admit though, I don't like to go to bed angry, upset or in depending on what time it is, maybe you could suggest discussing this at another time when you both have had the chance to think and cool off (calm down). Hang in there.