Help needed-regarding Saleya pm

  1. I posted that a while ago but as I couldn`t find an answer so far I think I try again...

    Someone here mentioned that from august onwards the Saleya pm might be produced with longer handles-like the Saleya mm which once has been produced with shorter handles and now has a handle length (I think since maybe march?) :smile:which is longer and so perfect for shoulder wear.

    As I love the Saleya pm but prefer shoulder bags I would love it with longer handles as the current length is not comfortably for me to wear on the shoulders.

    Has anyone informations on this?
  2. Only the Saleya MM in Ebene had the new modified longer handles. There was no mention about the PM size. :shrugs:
  3. Yes, only the mm has the longer handles-so far. But it was mentioned that a SA said LV might also lengthen the pm handles in august.
    I would love to know if anyone heard a confirmation on that...
  4. i'm getting confused, so they lengthened the MM handles? when? how do i know if mine was the longer or shorter version?
  5. The Saleya mm had once the short handles that were as long as the pm has them - at the moment - so that it was a handheld bag which could by some people with skinnier arms still be put on the shoulder but usually not when wearing a coat.
    Then, they started to produce the mm`s with longer handles-this was around the time when the azur was introduced and the Saleya mm in azur was only produced with the longer handles. Since then some Saleyas mm`s with short handles were still on the shelves so could be bought but when they are all gone the Saleya mm is only avalable with the longer handles.

    Sorry for being so unclear:sweatdrop:
    I try to figure out if I can have hopes that the same will happen to the small Saleya as someone heard that from a SA. I try to reach my SA today.