Help needed! Red medium flap in 10c to get or not?

  1. Hi all,

    Need your help to decide if I should get this. Found a pre-owned one in good condition ,price is reasonable I guess and authenciated here. Serial no starts with 13...something.. this should be not too old.. anyone knows which yr is this produced? Have been searching for this kinda red and I don't think Chanel will launch one anytime soon? But... have recently spent quite a bit on designer bags already.. 2 Chanels and 1 LV in like 2 mths.. sounds crazy to me to splurge on another Chanel now! But l love the bag and don't want to miss it and regret later.. does anyone think of this as a good investment since Chanel are increasing prices like mad! :pAppreciate any advices! Tks!
  2. 10C Red is considered one of Chanel's very best reds ever!
    so if the bag is 10C and in good condition for a decent price then you should go for it...but only YOU can make that decision...good luck!
  3. If it's 10C get it now!!!!!!
  4. Yes it's 10C red! Here's the pics of condition.. is selling for abt usd$3.6k.. a worth buy? or my alternative is a less pricey Chanel 3 in red but... cant find it anywhere too and just missed a pre-owned one too as I was thinking of trying to get a brand new pc from Chanel.. hmmm...
  5. Sorry, pics attached. What do you guys think of the condition? :smile:
    Front.jpg Back.jpg Side.jpg Logo.jpg Inside 2 logo.jpg
  6. WOW so beautiful! This red m/l flap is my HG of red classic flaps! I certainly give my stamp of approval :smile:
  7. Retail is now $4300. I think this is a decent deal given its condition and color (especially if you love it).
  8. Yes, get it.
  9. $3600 is quite a lot for a ore-owned. I'd rather save a bit more for a brand new one. But if you really love the colour then go for it!!
  10. 10c red is the best chanel red imo. The price DOES seem high though....
  11. I agree, a great shade of red but price does seem on the high side.
  12. i think the price is a bit high, too. esp since it's a pre-owned bag. if you are completely in love with this red, i would grab it now since it is so popular and a beautiful red!
  13. Tahts like my dream bag! It's just so hard to get that color! But i think u should go for it despite of it being a little too pricey. Its just beautiful!
  14. agree is a lil pricey for pre-owned bag but given is a beautiful colour and so hard to find and probably may never come across again...well.. so I'm also thinking if I should wait if Chanel 3 will be relaunched in red?
  15. Though I'm not a big fan of lambskin, but the red 10C is TDF! So grab it if you can. I already got the red 09A, but still want that 10C too. She's so beautiful!! Good luck!