Help needed quickly! Those who take TTS in Ron Rons!

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  1. Hi there,

    Haven't found my HG Ron Rons in a 38 but have got the opportunity to get the next best thing for me - black patent Decolletes. I am true to size 38 in Ron Rons so should I get a 38 or 38.5 in Decolletes? I need help quick before they sell out!

    I really need to hear from ladies who are TTS in Ron Rons and what size they get in Decolletes.

  2. I'm TTS (37) in RonRons and I take 37.5 in Decollete.
  3. I'm a US size 7 in non-CLs, 37.5 in most CLs including RonRons and a 38 in Decollete. Hope this helps.
  4. I'm not TTS in Ron Rons, but my decolletes are a half size up from the Ron Rons, so you should get a 38.5.
  5. I'm a full size up in mine.
  6. I wear a US size 8. I can do a size 38 in Ron Rons (although I went with a 38.5 for comfort), but I could never do 38 Decolletes....mine are 39. I say go for the 38.5.
  7. I am TTS (36.5) in Ron Rons and went 1/2 size up (37) in Decolletes, just like Chins.
  8. Rather slightly small than slightly large, so you might want to go half a size up. The shoes will stretch with wear anyway and you can't make them smaller later.
  9. My TTS is 36. My blue Ron Rons are a 37. Maybe the boutique got in a shipment that was small. The SA mentioned that those Ron Rons fit very small.
  10. I'm an US 7.5-8. My Ron Ron's & Decollettes are 38.5
  11. My Decollete size is half a size up from my size in the Ron Ron.
  12. Maybe my feet are weird, but I'm a 36 in most US sizes, and I took a 36 (TTS) in Ron Rons. My Decolette is a 36.5. HTH!
  13. Thanks for all your help ladies. I think I ordered the right size. I ordered .5 size up from rons.
  14. Good decision! I was going to say that I have Decolletes in both tts and .5 size up, the .5 size up are much more comfortable without being too big.
  15. Congrats! Please post pics one they arrive.