HELP NEEDED!!!!!! pleawse help me choose a bandana for my damier speedy 25?

  1. i wanna add a bandana from the vivienne westwood collection..are u guys familiar with them?

    i dunno what color...vivienne westwood tends to be very colorful...what do u guys think?

    : P I S A :

    which one is better? thanks!!! :heart:
  2. I like this one;

    : P I S A :

    Have you purchased from pisa before??
  3. that's the one i have in mind!! :yahoo: but then i wanna ask for more advice before i buy it.. :wlae:

    i haven't..but i know they are legit...any information anyone could give me?

  4. Wait for the groom or try to find a perfo bandeux, either of these will look great with it. The one above is really cute too.

  5. We talked about this site before , I will search..
  6. i want the bandana to be from a different brand...but thanks for ur opinions!

  7. pisa is a second hand store in that's where i came from though...i remember it..but anyway..let me know if u updated information!

  8. I love the Westwood scarf!!!
  9. which one do u think will match?