Help needed please!!

  1. HI, i recently bought a bag from eBay that is non refundable. In the listing there was no mention of dirt on the bag ect... well i recevied the bag and there are stains in some places which look like coffee stains, it really takes away from the bag to have some brown spots. :sad: Maybe the person couldnt tell they were there, I could'nt tell prom pics.It isnt that bad I guess but they were the first thingI saw when i opened the package. I cant get my money back but i feel there should of been some mention of the stains on the bag , unless the person didnt see them .I am just upset and dont know what to do. I havent contacted the seller yet. Any advice:crybaby: I feel like there is nothing I can do now except lose a great chunk of money or carry a bag that looks stained.:sad:
  2. Sjunky, I do not think that, whatever is the policy advertised by the seller, you should settle with it. I mean, even if the seller says that he/she will not refund the money, you can always state that the bag was mispresented. It is the seller's obligation to describe the item as well as possible, so if he/she failed to state that there were stains on the bag I think you can claim a refund because the item was significantly not as described - if that is the case, and if the description did not say anything about dirt on the bag.
    How did you pay for the item? If you paid with Paypal or a credit card, you could also solve the problem through them. Even if the purchase is non refundable, for whatever reason, you can contact the seller and ask at least for a partial refund. I think the first thing you should do is to contact the seller and try to work out a solution with him/her. If this does not work, you can move to other solutions.
  3. I'm sorry, it is so disappointing when a much anticipated item doesn't live up to expectations. You sound very reasonable and I think your first step is to contact the buyer and say you are a bit disappointed because of some unexpected staining with the same caveat you've used here about it being hard to spot stains sometimes etc. and see what response you get. If you get a hostile reply or even no reply at all within 48 hours, then I think it is time to follow up with a regrettably I am going to open a SNAD dispute. Did you pay with paypal?
  4. Thanks! I payed with paypal and I am going to contact seller and explain the situation , maybe he or she over looked it and isnt a bag lover as I am, lets see what happens next.Thanks for your advice
  5. open a dispute with eBay. then all your correspondence with the seller will be seen by eBay. ebay will not honor out of dispute emails when you finally do open a dispute though. then, if you and the seller come to an agreement, ebay settles that with you and makes sure it happens.

    you file under 'item significantly not as represented'

    do it now.
  6. I'd still give the seller the opportunity to respond before putting in a claim. One day (and they should respond within one day) isn't long to wait before putting in a claim, and could be the difference between a nice transaction and a nasty one.

    If they don't respond / respond nastily, then you can file a paypal 'item significantly not as described' complaint. I think you need to do this via paypal rather than ebay nowadays, as it is paypal that offer buyer protection (since Jan 2007), not ebay.
  7. There is no way that a seller would not know that a bag was stained therefore the bag was misrepresented to you, you do not have to accept that. Communicate with the seller first regarding the stains, if no satisfaction then file a not as described claim with paypal. let us know how you get on. take detailed pics of the staining for paypal & save the pics from the auction (in case seller removes them, if seller uses a photo hosting then may do this to free up space) to send to show that the stains were not visible. Good luck & let us know how you get on.
  8. Everyones advice is good, try and deal with the seller directly first and see how that goes. Keep us informed and good luck!
  9. Thanks, the seller offered me 5 % of my purchace but I took it to a leather cleaner and he said those were stains that are set and looks like someone tryed to clean the bag already and they are now permanatly a part of the bag and my only option is to dye the bag which I dont want to do I have sent the seller 3 emails and she hasnt responded back yet after her first offer I now want a full refund as I am very unhappy looking at a dirty bag . yes far away you cant tell they are there but I see them all of the time and I get sad when ever I see the bag, I dont want to have to open a dispute but it looks like I may have to. I am very turned off to ebay now. very sad.....
  10. Oh no, sorry it hasn't worked out for you. Time to file the significantly not as described dispute. 5% seems a very small amount for what sounds like significant damage - she may well up the offer once you file the dispute, but if you are unhappy with the bag, hold out for the full refund.

    Don't send the bag back until paypal say to, and make sure you send it with Delivery Confirmation - the only way to prove that you have sent it.

    Good luck & let us know how you get on.
  11. Thanks I am going to give her until tomarrow morning , then I will open the dispute .She has geat feedback and looks like she sells alot of bags , I hope this works out. Thanks everyone I will keep You posted.