Help needed please

  1. I used to be a bad bad girl with buying but then RL kicked in and I had to slow down. Many of my goodies were sold.

    Now I am ramping back up and I see that I am totally out of the loop on the inside track. Can you help a girl out here? please??

    I just got ordered some goodies today and will be posting pics upon their arrival but can you really order from an outlet? Will they ship? Need the scoop on this - PLEASE

    Many many thanks
  2. MFF???


    Come on guys, someone has to have mercy on me

  3. was this a Coach Factory invitation only sale? if so, I believe they are real, yes. I read a thread in here where the majority of the ladies (and some men) believed them to be real and they did receive their orders. on occasion the orders were cancelled due to lack of inventory. best wishes

    ps, i'm new to the site so can't help much...other than that my little bit of knowledge on this....
  4. Coach does offer a Coach online outlet website but you have to sign up to be invited to shop. It's kind of like going into the store, but I find they dont always put up all of the inventory that you would normally see at an actual outlet store. I hope that helps and here is the link to the website
  5. Thank you - truly appreciated