Help needed PLEASE

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  1. Hi to everyone reading. What an excellent site.

    Wondering if anybody can help me with some information that i need for my sister.

    She has an ebay account on and has been selling personal items since 2001. The last year or so she started selling new items, but not making a huge profit. As it was so little she did not inform the Benefit Agency and has now got to print out all her ebay statements from 2001 as someone had reported her selling on ebay. Problem being her account is blocked due to her not being able to find the money for her fees .plus her paypal account is blocked due to a "nice" hacker.

    Is there a way she can get her invoices and how far back can she go with them?

    If she cannot access her invoices can anybody else e.g. Compliance or fraud team?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Sisters hey!! :cursing:
  2. What's the Benefit Agency?
  3. Welfare.
  4. It sound like our IRS or the FBI.
  5. Hi
    its when you claim state benefit! Sorry we are in england.

    All i wish to find out is if her data on her account is avaliable for anyone official to view?

    Is she able to get her invoices as far back as 2001 and how...account is blocked!!
  6. I'm only speaking for the US, but yes, government agencies can request records like that.
  7. I checked my Ebay account and I can pull up invoices as far back as Dec 2005. I don't know how she would go about pulling up info back to 2002. I'm pretty sure unless she pays her fees she won't have access to any of her account information.
    Maybe your sister can contact paypal and rectify her account as those financial records probably go back further.
  8. Without paying her Ebay fees I don't think she will be able to get any information. She should have made an effort to make small payments to her Ebay account. Unfortunately, she did not report her extra income to the benefit agency as she was supposed to. I hope everything gets resolved for her.
  9. Thanks. I have been told she can go back 18 months. We have tried everything to view her invoices but we cant get to see them. Her account says indefinitely suspended. Does this mean when she pays her fees (as im going to give her the money to do so) her account will still be unavailable?
  10. Yes so do i. I just hope that the agency do not think she is hiding information from them. She has already got all her bank statements ready for them and its about £40 in 6 months she has made, thats not excluding postage and packing.

    I have already told her to print out the web page where its showing her account on ebay and paypal are blocked. Hoping this may help.
  11. I would recommend that she actually call ebay to see if paying the fees would actually get her reinstated.
    I think they will reinstate her as long as they get there money. If so then all she needs to do is go to her 'my ebay' page and on the left hand side under 'my account' click on the 'seller account' sub tab and then she will be able to view and print invoices for the last 18 months.
  12. thanks. Sorry to be a pain, but do you know the phone number?
  13. One of the issues I had with Ebay about 4 years ago was over a HUGE fee for an item that did NOT sell. I refused to pay, so of course they suspended that account. I waited almost a year to pay it. One day I just decided to pay it and within literally seconds my ebay account was back up.
  14. Their number is almost impossible to find!
    I googled and came up with this:
    ebay Telephone Number: 02086 053 000
  15. That's not their phone number and even if it was they wouldn't speak to you unless you are at least a silver powerseller. The only way to get help is to pay the fees so you can access her account and then e-mail them