Help needed please US ladies!

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  1. Hi girls,

    I am desperatly searching for a pair of Fall trousers, they are totally sold out in Europe and I was hoping that one of you might know where I could purchase them in the US? Just saves me calling all the potential stores and running up a horrible international phone bill! So if any could shed any light I would be very grateful. I am looking for either the pink pants with black waistband (1st choice) or the electric blue ones next to them with black waistband in a 40 or 42.

    Thanks in advance ladies!! :smile:

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  2. Dolly,
    have you tried calling the new St Tropez boutique?
    They had them last month...
    let us know, they were on my list too!

  3. OMG!!! I would be the happiest girl in the world if they had them in my size!! Do you know if they will speak english? It is very hard to describe items and sizes etc with me speaking little to no french. :shame:
  4. i am sure they speak english (well they better as its mainly tourists in st trop)
    they will for sure understand pink pants (i think they are part of their capsule tailored collection)
    let us know how it goes!

    btw, love your celine pants in your avi!!

  5. Haha thank you! That's not actually me... but I do have the same pants, I also bought the cobalt blue and plain black. They are great!

    I will try calling them tomorrow and see what shows up! Fingers crossed!!

  6. Demi - do you happen to have their phone number? It's not listed on the website and I can't find it anywhere! TIA! ;)
  7. Yay!! After all this time I finally got a pink pair in size 40!!! They are too gorgeous for words! Thrilled to have them! :smile:
  8. oh yay! pls post some pics!!:cool: