Help Needed! Please tell me your opinion

  1. Princess Bella Mia had a huge sale on Alexis Hudson handbags. I bought a (last) mini monaco in brown sugar and I just received the bag.

    I have many other A.H. bags and sometime I sell them on eBay if I get good deals on them. So I have seen many different A.H. bags. When I got the bag today, I was quite upset. As you can see from the picture, it has not only severe color variance, but also fading on the corner. I contacted Princess Bella Mia and they said the color variance was natural and their terms state that sales are final.

    I told them that I agreed on the terms provided that the bag looked like any other new mini monaco bags.

    What do you think? I haven't seen this kind of color variance so far. Does anyone own A.H. in brown sugar? What should I do if they refuse to take it back? :sad:
    I ordered another bag two days ago... I hope the second bag looks more natural...

  2. BAH! I'd return that bag and complain until I got my money back. Or atleast a hefty discount!
  3. That's a really drastic color variance. I'd definitely keep pestering them until they let you return the bag back.
  4. Maybe it's just my crappy computer screen, but I'm not really seeing the problem... It just looks heavily (and purposefully) distressed to me :confused1:
  5. I don't mind a little color variance, but that just looks splotchy to me. If your instincts are telling you this bag is not quite right, go with that and push to return it.
  6. Yeah, I will try to fight to get the money back. I emailed Alexis Hudson to see if the variation really was normal. Haven't heard from Princess Bella Mia yet... I sent them the picture too and hope they understand.
  7. I agree with claireZk - it looks intentionally distressed to me...
  8. Well ladies... I must say I am done with Alexis Hudson.

    I contacted the store and sent them the picture and here is the reply I got:

    I mean I sent her the picture and she says it's normal. Noone in TPF thought it was natural... I am thoroughly disappointed.:sad:
  9. Same here, maybe that's the style they want to convey, like a worn-in look? Either way, if you aren't happy with it and other bags have no color variance like this one, I would keep pestering them claiming it's defective. Good luck!
  10. Hi All

    I have an AH clutch in Brown Sugar and love it. It does have a distressed look. I like it because it's dressy enough, but the color choice also makes it great for a day out anywhere. The description of the bag says, "The pebbled leather exudes just a little hint of casualness so this clutch will take you from any occasion with perfect ease."

    I really like mine! M
  11. I think it's heavily distressed, but probably doesn't look bad if it's not magnified. Of course, I like distressed.