Help needed please for SNAD/authenticity claim on LV bag I sold on eBay

  1. OP, I'm not saying you're guilty of this because of obviously I haven't seen the bag itself - however I can't see any pictures of the interior, only the very top of the inside. If there is damage/stains on the interior that can't be seen in the photos on the listing then the buyer would be eligible to file a SNAD. A few months ago I bought a bag which arrived with a sticky mess in one of the pockets. The seller didn't mention it in the listing or provide photographs, yet when I complained she said that there were photos of the interior on the listing. Unfortunately she elected to use pics with the pocket closed. That was just sneaky and dishonest. I chose not to return it because I felt I had still paid a good price and it was hard to find, so I just cleaned it myself.

    None of this is an excuse for claiming the bag is fake, though. That's just stupid. I hope you get this cleared up.
  2. The buyer's inability to form a complete sentence makes me doubt her credibility. Adding to the poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation, I would not side in her favor. However, I'm not an eBay customer service representative....
  3. I just noticed on Carol's website that she had an out of state emergency but is back on line now. Hopefully, she will be able to help you.

    Don't give up & don't cave and refund!
  4. I think it is not a bad idea to ask the buyer send the bag back and you relist it on eBay again. But di not refund her until you get the bag from her with the same condition before. It is a leas risky plan then let eBay dicide. Honestly.
  5. OP, any updates on this?
  6. Hi everyone, sorry I was away for the weekend and thank you for your replies! I really appreciate each and every single one of them. So.. as expected, eBay sided with the buyer.

    I couldn't get hold of Carol, I sent payment for authentication on the 3rd July and until now I haven't received anything :sad: so I couldn't even bring up a case to eBay.

    Anyway, the buyer will be sending back the bag to me, and to be honest I'm a little afraid of bait and switch.. so I called up eBay and they said that I can lodge an appeals process if the bag is not returned to me in the same condition as it was sent.

    I will definitely take your advice on hand and will take more pics of the FULL interior of the bag, rather than just lifting the flap up. In all honesty, there was no marks/stains inside though, that's why I didn't take a pic of it. But - I guess pics speak a thousand words and when I list the bag up for sale again, I'll be sure to include pics of the inside!

    Apricot Summers - thanks for pointing that out to me! I didn't have any problems selling those shopping bags! I even had it on a 30 day buy it now option and some of them were up for 2 weeks before they were sold!
  7. Fingers crossed the bag comes back to you .
  8. Did you get your bag back in the same condition it was sent to the buyer in?

  9. Call ebay first thing in the morn and tell them you escalated in error and would like to work with the buyer OR explain as you have here the situation to the phone representative. I feel so bad for you. It really is so unfair. Please know you will not lose your bag and your money. They buyer has to return the item to you with signature required and then they receive the refund. Do call ebay though, atleast you would have done all you can. Please let us know what has happened.
    Unfortunately you will probably have to take the bag back and issue a refund including original shipping to buyer. Sadly you will likely be out the shipping cost to the buyer. GOOD LUCK we are all here supporting you!!:smile:
  10. You should probably read the whole thread before replying. eBay sided with the buyer unfortunately.
  11. Thanks so much everyone for your concern! I got my bag back from the buyer, who thankfully did not do a bait and switch. I ended up selling the bag successfully to a happy buyer, with BIN/BO for more than what the bag sold previously (ran on auction), so at least I got my postage costs covered!

    Just an observation - I find that items sold with BIN/BO price tend to be more fuss free, compared to listing the auction at a low price. I think with a BIN/BO price, buyers have the chance and time to review the listing carefully, check authenticity, etc, whereas starting auctions at a low price tend to attract buyers who are after a bargain, and then deciding at the end of the day it was more than what they paid for and start a SNAD (or even worse, authenticity) claim against you!

    Having this claim opened against me has negative repercussions though. eBay has placed selling restrictions on my account, based on authenticity issues. Even after I forwarded them Carol's report (she did reply my email eventually). And despite the fact that I have been selling authentic high end items successfully for the past 11 years! I hate eBay so much.
  12. how rude some people are im sorry that you had to go through all of that drama,but at least you got the right bag back,i have learned a lot from your bad time,thank you for posting this :smile: (i just sold something and the seller said that they didnt like it and said they wanted to return it,and i told her i dont give refunds for something that you didnt end up wanting) i really think poeple should make sure that they really want something before they buy in stead of abusing the return system,good luck in the future i hope you dont get another drama queen
  13. OP: I just finished working my way through the thread. Wow!
    I just sold my Speedy 35 and was so frightened. I always tell people to do their research and provide the names of Carol and this forum. Whatever pieces I have, I think I am going to hold on to them. it is too stressful.
    I am so glad that you found another buyer.
  14. I'm glad it worked out OP. In all her notes she kept mentioning the two spots so it's clear that was her real issue.

    I agree about BIN/BO. I'm not sure why sellers are so against it! I think they are hoping for a bidding war, but the problem is that many times those last minute snipers don't pay, or people are bidding just for the fun of bidding. I think it's worth the extra $$ to post BIN because you can require immediate payment and with BO you can pre-screen buyers. I always ask sellers about BIN price and most of them say no and end up having to re-list over and over because the auction winners don't pay.

    Overall bonanza is much better than eBay and if you find a buyer on Craigslist having cash is even better.