Help needed : Perfo colour

  1. Hi gals,

    I am contemplating getting a Perfo pochette access and cles set.

    I don't even know is it possible to get an answer for my question : Out of the 3 colours fushia, green and orange, which would evoke a more elegant look? I m leaning on the green.

    For practical reason, I was thinking of getting a recital...the look is more classic and the compartment is slightly bigger but the little lock on the perfo looks so adorable :tender: . I don't think I want to buy 2 similiar shape although I do agree they have their own characteristics.

    BTW anybody knows the strap length of recital and perfo perfo access? Are they the same length?

    Would be thankful for comments. Merci!
  2. I guess it really depends on what you're wearing with it. A friend of mine owns the fuschia as well as the green, but put together with lots of Hermes and Tods, and she looks so elegant. Whichever one you like the most, I think you can find a way to make it look sophisticated.
  3. for thot:yes: . Thanks!
  4. i personally like the magenta.
  5. For me I think the orange is more of a FUN color, but I guess it can be elegant if set up properly. I vote for green.
  6. IMO, I don't think the perfo is very classy at all. I think it's like a funky twist on the normal mono patter.
  7. I'm not a big fan of the perfo line but I like the orange color the best. :biggrin:
  8. i like the pink
  9. I personally don't like it either cuz I find the holes seems to be punched in in really random places...not at all LV-like that always puts symmetry and "well-coordination" as its priorities. Anyhoo....I like the FUSHIA the best! Good luck on choosing:biggrin:!
  10. Out of the 3 colors, I like the pink best:yes:but then again, get which one you like best and the one that goes with your clothes!
  11. I agree with elongreach - I dont really see the perfo as elegant. But I would vote for the fushia if I had to choose one.
  12. fresh looking
  13. I don't like this line too much but i got a cles anyway for the lovely color:wlae:
  14. I own the fushia musette
  15. i like the fuchsia best.