HELP NEEDED!! Part two... the "Shrug Saga" continues

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  1. Ok, so now I've decided on the Brown bag...

    BUT (and theres always a but)

    I have a choice of two...

    Same bag, same style - but some minor differences

    1) All tags, receipts, dust-bag, etc (but more expensive)

    eBay Australia: NIB!! Balenciaga " Shrug " Hobo Bag Toffee AUTHENTIC (item 230069513173, end time 28-Dec-06 01:11:51 AEDST)

    2) All tags, dust bag but no receipt or box (less expensive)

    eBay Australia: NIB FABULOUS Fall 06 BALENCIAGA SHRUG Hobo Bag (item 160066199208, end time 28-Dec-06 12:52:32 AEDST)

    What's the verdict? I'm confident that they are both authentic... but

    Would you worry that the second one doesnt come with the receipt and box?

    Or would you pay a little extra and get the one with the box and receipt?

    I'm so much closer to having one of these girls as my own, but need help on deciding WHICH ONE to buy!!

    You're thoughts are much appreciated!

  2. I'd go for number 1, the more expensive one. It has EVERYTHING. Price isn't an issue when you really love a bag, especially if the difference is <$100 - it's neither here nor there. Good luck in your decision!
  3. did you get the first one?
  4. Nope, still waiting on opinions before I buy
  5. Yeah, I was thinking that too

    The only thing that worries me is that the first one's seller has sold lots of designer bags lately...

    She may be 'cleaning out her closet', but I'm a little nervous about it

    ALTHOUGH, they have all sold for authentic prices, and noone has ever stated that any of the bags she has sold were fake.

    She guarentees authenticity with a money back policy and is selling from her personal collection from what I am aware too.

    The second bag has been put back on for USD $595, so its only USD $70 difference for me to get the bag with all of the tags, receipt etc etc

    I'm with you on that one
  6. Both these bags are definately authentic :yes: So don't worry about that...
  7. Did the seller of the first one pull her listing? I kept clicking the "relisted" button and the last one says "seller canceled the listing due to an error" or something. But they are both authentic, so it's just a matter of what you feel more comfortable with.
  8. I think she will re-list it shortly...

    I got extra pics of both bags, and I actually like the look of the texture of the second one more...

    But that one is the one without the receipt, box etc
  9. if you like them both equally or close to equally, get the one with everything. If you really prefer the leather on the second one, get that one. Not having the box is no biggie and very common. The receipt would be nice, but it's not an absolute must. that's what I'd do, anyway.
  10. OMG, i just looked at them and I WAY PREFER the way the first one looks. Just my opinion, but I don't like all the white spots on the second one. The first one is TDF. But you've got to get what you're attracted to.
  11. Thanks girls!

    I'm leaning toward the first one now... its just so hard with them being the same bag...

    If they were two different colours it would be ALOT easier!

    Thanks for all your help guys!

  12. You have to decide which level of distress you prefer. I happen to like less distress and have passed on buying bags that I otherwise would have LOVED to own because I thought they were too distressed. Meanwhile, I know other posters here have returned bags because they weren't distressed enough and seemed to lack personality.

    It's part of the Balenciaga Dilemma: Color? Style? Level of Distress?

    All three MUST be considered. And here's the perfect test -- you have two virtually identical bags...except for the level of distress.

    Good luck! But remember, it's about what YOU like -- there's no right choice or wrong choice (all BBags are GOOD choices!).
  13. I agree with highgloss. Personally, I like lots of distressing because I think it adds character. But others like smoother, less distressed looks.
  14. I love distressed and veinier bags, it definately does add character...
  15. But they're both very distressed!!!! Number one just looks more authentically distressed. That white marbelly effect (which I've never been fond of, but I go back to the early "solid" color distressing days of 03 and 04) does not read as distressing to me. It's just... spotty.

    Again, my opinion. The first one is marvelously distressed.