Help needed on this lovely bag !!!

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  1. I got this bag through a friend who was in France and had not pick it up for several months and believe the bag was not kept in such a way that the studs were pressing against the leather (vanilla ice-cream colour) and after few months, it causes stain (perhaps rust).

    I tried using first the Apple Garde Conditioner, the stain/rust was gone but the colour turned yellowish. Browsing through the threads in the forum, was advised that the Apple Garde Cleaner is more stronger, so afraid to use. Also, have checked with local Balenciage shop and was recommended not to use any chemicals to clean the bag.

    So, I am sort of hopeless now with the solution. If anyone came across similar problem before, pls advise.
  2. Have you tried to use a clean, white eraser? If the stain is absorbed into the leather, then you'll probably need something stronger to lift the stain out. The Apple cleaner is not a bad idea for spot cleaning.