Help needed on posting on LJ shoptokidoki

  1. I had wanted to post a notice on shoptokidoki to sell some of my bags but the post was deleted by the mod. Apparently, I violeted some rules. Can someone point me to where I can find these guidelines about posting on shoptokidoki? And also, I would like to learn how to hide the pictures or more text under the cut? But how do you do it? Can someone help, please. Thanks! Frankly, I find this forum so much more easy to navigate.
  2. lol... LJ is fine to navigated but the mods on shoptokidoki aren't that nice when it comes to newbies and get trigger happy when it comes to deleting and just respond with "read the rules" often

    to do an lj cut you need to use this code < lj-cut > (without the spaces), you can also add text to ur cut by using < lj-cut text="insert text here" > and that'll show up like this (insert text here) umm as for the rules... you can find them there :smile:

    you can also change your style of posting to help (when posting an entry theres a tab on the top right side that says html and rich text... click rich text and it'll be easier for you to do stuff w/o knowing codes and stuff ;) )

    and if you need anymore help let me kno
  3. Hmm i would think the reason why the mods pulled yours down was because you put a really big picture???

    Theres a button on the tool for the under the cut, I think it looks like a crooked line down like the line ciaociao's head ...I tried going to LJ to snap a pic of it for you but some reason the tool buttons are not there... hope it helps...

    tehlilone where are you?? :biggrin: *edit* haha there you are :graucho:
  4. vmasterz I was posting while u were posting silly :lol: that's why ur sillya hahaha

    yeah big pictures + multiple pictures... I still dislike how they don't bother letting people know WHAT is wrong... it doesn't help not communicating
  5. tehlilone, vmasterz : You ladies are the best!!!:tup: Thanks for the pointers, I will try them out and see if I can manage to clear the LJ mods this time. :p
  6. :lol: yeah its would be helpful if they told you exactly what youre doing wrong :biggrin:

    :welcome: mytokiluv :biggrin:
  7. Did you also make it so that only "Friends" can view it?

    My post didn't show up because of that.
  8. Yeah! I think that's one of the things I missed out. Thanks for the reminder, Arisu. :p
  9. they should've already changed it so it automatically does that... if they changed it back then they should be kicked because that's unnecessary since all posts are supposed to be friends only and people are forgetful
  10. I'm glad I don't sell my bags...becuase I'd probably be like ???? if I had to put them up there cuz of the Good luck figuring it out and I look forward to seeing the stuff :smile:
  11. Yes!!!:yahoo:I did it!! Finally my LJ posting on shoptokidoki is up. Now, hopefully the mod don't find a problem with it and remove it again.

    Thanks once again to everyone who helped, especially tehlilone and vmasterz : Your instructions were so clear. No problem at all for me to just follow them. Thanks loads!!!
  12. yay! :biggrin: goodluck :biggrin:
  13. YAY glad to help :yahoo: I've been using LJ since middle school :p but I still remember how it is to be new... I still have to look up things because I forget sometimes :sweatdrop:
  14. I know I can count on other fellow TPFers for advice and help. ;)That's what I :heart: about this community. Thanks for being there. :smile:
  15. tehlilone: whoa since middle school? :biggrin: I just started now lol ...youre the LJ expert to me hehehe

    I agree with mytokiluv :biggrin: ..:tpfrox: