Help Needed - Not with Bags

  1. Hi guys

    Completely off topic I know but I am suffering with the worst toothache - any of you ladies who have suffered with this will know what I mean!!

    My wisdom teeth are coming through and I am really suffering - trying to take my mind off by posting here:graucho:

    Anyway have any of you got any advice/cures etc etc:idea:

    Feel like crying at the mo - as soon as I try to sleep it just gets worse!!!

    Please help

    Rachel x:cry:
  2. i was lucky ... my wisdom teeth never developed... Are youg oing to get them pulled?? My brother had the worst pain, but the best meds when he got his teeth pulled.

    I'd suggest some tylenol and eating cold things to maybe numb the pain in your mouth. Maybe those Flavor-Ice things for you to nibble on when the pain gets crazy.

    Feel better!
  3. I've been there! Toothaches are :cry: . Here are some remedies I have tried that have worked pretty well:

    Acupressure Press gently but firmly on the sides of either index finger opposite the base of the fingernail.

    Salt Combine two tablespoons of salt with one cup of boiling water; take a mouthful of water as hot as possible and slosh it around your mouth near the tooth; repeat as necessary.

    Tea Suck on a teabag. Place it as close to the aching tooth as possible.

    I hope you feel some relief!!
  4. I got my wisdom teeth pulled before they were breaking the skin and there was no pain involved. Are you going to get them removed? It will get better if you do...

    Have you tried any anesethics such as Ambesol? That might help with the pain on the surface. Something strange that for some reason I know works, are cloves, literally the spice cloves - they numb toothaches. It's cheap, and from what I understand it works.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  5. When my wisdom teeth came in it was pretty painful, and I found that the only thing that worked was Advil. I took 3 regular strength, which I guess is a dose and a half? If that doesn't work your doctor or dentist might be able to prescribe something stronger. I remember how distracting it was to have that constant, throbbing pain!
  6. anytime we had toothaches, my grandmother would soak cottonballs in whiskey and put them in our mouth over the tooth! it worked to numb the pain till we got to the dentist.

    gotta love those old remedies!
  7. Thanks guys - really appreciate your suggestions :love:

    Have just had one side out and am waiting for an appointment for the other - am going to try out some of your suggestions now!!

    If anybody has any other suggestions please let me know as I am willing to try ANYTHING!!

    Thanks again
  8. Perhaps you could pound a Panadol tablet and place the powder on the aching tooth?

    Hope some of the advice given on this forum helps!
  9. Try eating lots of ice cream! It might help, it might not, but you'll feel better :smile: When I was having trouble with wisdom teeth, I loaded up on Advil, that seemed to help. The ADA recommends swishing warm water around in your mouth, so maybe try drinking some hot tea too.
  10. Drink really warm water and hold it where the widsom teeth is at.
  11. If you are in pain, call the dentist's office and ask them to call you in an RX for pain meds until you are able to have the tooth extracted. There is no reason you should be suffering! Tooth pain is simply awful, so you hang in there, you poor thing!
  12. I agree with Roo that you should have the dentist prescribe something ASAP...but don't drive on the meds! If the warm treatments are not working, you might hold an ice pack or package of frozen peas over the jaw bone...that might help. And Advil.
  13. gallons of hot chamomille tea helped me by toothache and chewing on cottonballs are great too. and what about taking 600mg ibuprufen? its great by pains and aches...oh my mom said that a few drops of perfume on a Qtip helps too...
  14. Of course my first thought was VICODIN!!
  15. You need to talk with your dentist. My wisdom teeth were fine, but when I was 28 one became impacted and I had all three removed. For me it was relatively painless, and I haven't had a problem in ten years. Good luck! :smile: