Help Needed - Non-bag Related, SORRY!!

  1. dear fellow tpfers...sorry this question is totally not bag related, but i trust and depend on you guys so much for all fasion-related questions so here it goes -

    one of my closer gfs is getting married in June and she wants me to be her Bridesmaid. there will be 2 makeup artists/stylists to do our makeup and hair on her big day. she's asked me to do some research and collect some pics of the hairstyle and makeup i want but i've NO idea where to look online?

    are there any specific websites that have portrait pics? maybe even celeb sighting at balls or events??

  2. I was going to suggest buying a copy of In Style Magazine but I don't know if they sell them near you. Here is a link to their website.

    Home | In Style

    You can also try this site.

    Wedding dresses and planning advice |

    If they sell these magazines near you I would suggest picking up the latest copy. Then you and the Bride to be can flip through the mags and see what you like.
  3. oh my god, you guys are my life savers!!!! :heart:33 thank you all so much!!!

    everyone else pls keep the ideas pouring in. i love you guys!!!

    my friend is so happy to see these links too. these really mean a lot to us. :')
  4. oh and i'm so happy to realize that this thread could indeed be a bag-related one after all... i am so gonna need a evening bag/clutch to go with my dress!! =D