help needed!! MULBERRY!

  1. I am getting a handbag for my birthday and have decided on either a bayswater or roxanne mulberry bag, however, icannot decide between the two. I want it in Oak, I wondered if anyone has any opinions or tips?! HELP A NEWBIE !! :smile:
  2. Hi and welcome. Will you use it everyday and for what (work etc) ?
  3. Hi and welcome!:tup:
    I have a Rosemary in mauve, i love the style in that it's the same as the Roxanne (only smaller) yet it's so roomy. It also has a shoulder strap.
    If it were me, i would go for the Roxanne.
    I guess it depends on what you would want to use the bag for. Everyday? Work?
    If everyday i would say the Roxanne is the most versatile. It can be dressed up, or down.
    I also believe the Roxanne will fit on the shoulders, depending on what you're wearing. The Bayswater is, i believe, a handheld bag.
    The Bayswater, IMO, is most suited for smart/formal wear. I could imagine it perfectly with a suit/smart work gear!
    Of course, that's just my opinion, you have to go with what you think you will use the most!:yes:
  4. I will probably use it for loads of different occasions, I thought the bayswater too formal initially but saw pictures of kate moss carrying it and alexa chung and it looked quite relaxed! I'm stuck, i'm quite small so wondered if the roxanne might look 'big' on me if it was full, asa its so chunky. both are timeless, but i am quite a casual person... decisions!!!
  5. lol - i'm going to be a bad influence here and say you should probably buy both!:graucho:
    Seriously, buy both and try them with several outfits. You can return the one that doesn't work for you?
    Best of luck!:tup:
  6. This is a tough one because both bags are beautiful! I would probably get the Bayswater.
  7. Have you thought about trying the East West Bayswater? It is slightly smaller than the normal Bayswater but best of all it fits over your shoulders!

    I have this aswell as the normal bayswater and I much prefer it - it stil can get a lot of things in too!
  8. I prefer the Bayswater, the style is so classic
  9. I bought the roxanne! I was in the shop for about an hour trying each one on. i decided on the roxanne because although the bayswater is beautiful, and a classic, i am quite casuial and thought the roxanne suited me more, i just keep looking at it on my desk and smiling!! HAPPY HAPPY !
  10. I say go for the Bayswater. It's a good size and a timeless style. You can really dress it up or down. I take mine to work and out for play and I think it suits both without looking stodgy when I'm out for fun.

    The oak is truly a beautiful color. I'm crazy about mine :yahoo:

    Well, it looks like you made your choice...enjoy your bag!
  11. Congrats with the new bag!

    I had the same: spend an hour in the shop deciding between the Annie and the Bayswater. Chose the Annie because the Bayswater looked to formal on me.

    RachelA: the East West Bayswater sound like a perfect one! Can you buy it in the stores?
  12. I think either are fairly versatile and both are beautiful bags.

    I own a bayswater and love it (perfect for work, day and travelling) I'm wearing mine today (it's a seafoam colour) with a coral cotton uneven hem skirt, yellow/green vest and multi coloured wrap top with gold edging and gold's actually goes well with smart and casual.

    Maybe take into account the Roxanne is a heavier bag (i can get my bayswater on my shoulder).

    I think Mulberry are going to stop producing the Roxanne so maybe get that if you really like it while you can and save up for the Bayswater????


    hope this helps.
  13. Mulberry are going to stop making the roxanne? really?? No way I hope not!

    I would say get the roxanne, but then Im a bit biased as I have a rosemary! It can be dressed up or down and is a classic really...
  14. Yes - I got it in Harrods but the mulberry shops sell it as well. You can see it on

    It really is a fab bag - I love it:smile:
  15. YES!!! I think you made the right choice. I have both bags but am really a Roxannaholic! I adore them and have got 3 at the moment (Antique Glace Plum, Glove Coconut, Lavender).

    Mind you, Rosemarys are great too, but I find that the outer pockets which are not quite as large are less useful. I am a pockets type of person.