Help Needed! Looking For Jumbo Messenger

  1. Hi all you impossibly chic and knowledgeable lovelies! I promised my darling friend I would find her Chanel dream bag but I need help. She wants a black jumbo messenger-style (w/long flap) bag with gold hardware. It can be soft or rigid but big (~15"+). Also, it can be vintage, used or new. I don't think price is an issue but it can't be impossible to get. PLEASE help me with ideas/suggestions/a direction because I've looked at the various resources but I'm obviously missing alot! Thanks so much!! :search::wondering
  2. Ok, now I'm feeling dejected because no one is answering. My friend is so sweet and I really want to do something nice for her! Please help me out, ladies! :sos:
  3. If people knew they would post. Don't feel dejected... people simply don't have an answer. If they did, I can pretty much guarantee someone will post. You just have to be patient.
  4. Oh, you're so sweet! I'm just being over-sensitive and it's my friend's b-day- today. I wanted to have an answer for her. :hugs:
  5. This is the largest bag I've ever seen! Would NOT work as a purse...more a weekend bag!

    Silver hardware though, sorry!
    tote1_web.jpg tote2_web.jpg
  6. Thank you!! You're an absolute doll to help me! I will pass this along to her immediately and I'm very appreciative. :smooch: