Help Needed -Let trade

  1. Hello ladies,

    I was on a long vacation and have just decided to relocate. Unfortunately, my entire wordrode, other then my travel-wear, are in storage!

    I'm going for interviews for new jobs soon-ish and I have nothing appropriate to wear! There are no Louis Vuitton or what-so-ever high-end designer in the 'city' that I've decided to relocated to. Just imagine, no shoes other than my hiking boots, vintage wedges, things and Teva sandals! No bags, other than my Bulga! Well, you can imagine the clothes I have!

    So ladies, I'm starting an entirely new wardrobe because I am still house hunting and will only get my stuff in storage over when I finally bought a house. Is Let Trade trustworthy? Are their stuff authentic? Any other ebayers should I look at? And of course, any recommendations for trustworthy ebayers selling italian designer clothing? And not forgetting shoes; Lanvin or CL flats?

  2. let-trade is great
    5 stars
    1st class
    lol i dunno what else to say ;)
  3. Thanks, Antonio!

    ...back to shopping now...
  4. let trade is the best for second hand lv or designer bags. Good Luck keep us posted on what you gonna buy.
  5. Shopping online is making my eye watery....

    I have my eyes for epi noe in black, soufflot in red, josephine pm & the black dress. Hopefully the dress is in my size.
  6. Yes, LT is trustworthy and legit. I've met one of the employees of let-trade and and spoke with another one on the phone and both were very friendly, and very professional.

    If you do a search you will find that tons of thread about this topic :smile:
  7. The only bad thing that I have heard is about the moth ball smell...
  8. That pretty much happens to all things in storage in Hong Kong. Keep in mind it's so much more humid in HK and sometimes they put moth balls in their storage so things won't rot/mold.
  9. I bought from them a few monts ago and got my item within days. I highly recommend them. No moth ball smell for me.
  10. I agree very friendly.:tup::tup: reasonable prices.
  11. Let-Trade is great. I bought a bag from them few months ago, no moth ball smell for me either. :tup:
  12. I bought a speedy from them recently and delivery was very fast and there was no moth smell either.
    So defintiely recommend it!
  13. I just received a mini pleaty from them today. It came in a flash and was in GREAT condition! I HIGHLY recommend them!!!
  14. They've been wonderful, I've never had any smell issue with them and the shipping has been fast as a flash. Love, love, love them!
  15. That's wonderful to hear! I think it's wise to buy 2nd hand bags while waiting for my wardrode to arrive.

    Oh! I just found out that the stores (Hermes & Louis) in Australia do mail to locations where they don't have a store! I'm so excited!

    I just bought a pair of Tod's pumps yesterday!