Help needed!! Le Talentueux vs. Le Confident

  1. Ok.. I'm have a dilemma now..

    I'd like to have a classy shoulder bag that I can use often. I'm now in love with Suhali..:drool: which there are 2 shoulder bags that I'm eyeing.

    Le Tal:
    - Classy (& I love bling bling...:graucho:)
    - Structured bag

    Le Con:
    - more width = more capacity :yes:
    - Cute & Stylish

    Could someone who have seen Le Con already, please tell me the pros and cons of it (either good or bad, bulky or too simply)? :sweatdrop:

    And from these two, which one will you get?

    TIA :smile:
  2. The Le Tal for sure, I saw the Le Con in person and it's cute but a bit smaller than I thought it would be.
  3. Need neutral opinion :p coz I'm Le Tal lover
  4. i really liked the le con in person. i thought it was a decent size, from the looks of it. i didn't handle the bag though.

    i'm not a fan of the le tal shape though....blah biased haha
  5. I love Le Confident.
  6. I like the sleek shape of Le Tal; Le Confident might be a little too wide to fit confortably under the arm, know what I mean? But le Confident is cheaper, so that's a plus!
  7. The Le Tal is much classier IMHO.
  8. Big Dilemma I love both as well! It depend what your style is, for a more casual everyday bag I would take the Confident, the leather looks more supple so maybe more comfortable to carry than le Tal.
  9. Thanks everyone!

    I decided to get the Le Tal...:yes:
  10. yes! good choice. i like le tal alot too.. congrats!