*Help needed, lawyers!! *

  1. Lawyers,

    I work in a restaurant as a casual waitress. One fine day or should i say lunch hours, a bunch of ladies who lunch (tai tais) walked in with their kids who then made a mess around the table and litters on the floor. I mean excessive problems like everywhere. So, my lady boss gave a fellow waitress a bag to ask the ladies to clean up at least pick up those rubbish of them on the floor. They refused and has commented that they will sue the restaurant. I am confused as there was no bad feelings on our side. The waitress has said everything in a nice tone and has requested rather politely. Is there even a case? We received a call from a lawyer today. Any thoughts? Thanks !!
  2. Don't know what jurisdiction you are in (where is the restaurant?) but that is the stupidist thing I have ever heard. Talk about frivolous!

    I don't think you have anything to worry about!

    although, as a former waiter, i would never ask a customer to clean up after themselves... that's why you go to a restaurant in the first place.

    But I don't think that any law has been violated and I can't imagine what their theory of harm/damages could possibly be.

    completely stupid!

    yes i am a lawyer.
  3. lols, i mean we do clean up after customers, but the kids messiness and rubbish are their own responsibilities, no?? We're talking about excessive paper litters and strings and stuff like that. I mean i know customers dont expect to clean up after themselves but there is to a certain degree imo. I just don't understand what these ladies are thinking? Has society behaviour expectation increases as status goes up as well?
  4. Are you in an Asian country? I only assume so because you use the term "tai tai."
  5. Lols, i'm in australia and those ladies are indeed taitais who are Asians.
  6. I don't know what the expectations of restaurant guests might be where you live and work. But I know that where I live and work, that asking a customer to clean up after themselves is taboo... they are guests, and they are paying for the privilege.

    Now as far as really messy kids, well, depends on the ages of the children. My daughter is messy, but she is 20 months old and still in a high chair. Are you talking about babies, or children who are old anough to know better?

    I think it was rude to ask the restaurant guests to clean up after themselves.

    But as far as I know (and I practice law in Texas) there is no theory of damages or recovery for something like this.
  7. The kids are about 7-10 yrs of age. I mean if they are like really young then of course, we do not expect them to do that.
  8. I doubt they can sue you, but they can tell their friends not to go to your restaurant anymore because of the service. That might be a good thing if all their friends have little rowdy kids.
  9. While it might have been rude to ask them to clean up, I can't figure out a legal claim that they could file unless they're claiming some kind of emotional distress, but those claims are unlikely to win. The restaurant is probably clear from a lawsuit.
  10. Definitely frivilous. I wouldn't worry about it. They may file suit but I would be surprised if it was not thrown out.