help needed : Is it possible to shape your body without loosing fat in some other are

  1. It´s the first thread I start here, and I need your advice gals.
    ->Is it possible to shape your body without loosing fat in some other areas ??

    Here is my pb : I am 53 kg (106 pounds) for 1m70. So I really don´t want to lose any weight, and I actually need to eat some crap (fast food, and fat meat) sometimes to keep me on that weight.
    I am of a pear shape and if I lose a bit of weight my cheekbones will be showing, and ribs, and it looks sick.
    BUT I have extra fat, and cellulite and orange peel, on my thights, hips, belly that I´d like to get rid of.

    Is it possible and how ?????Thanks in advance
  2. No, unfortunately you can't spot reduce fat. I actually have a similar problem. I'm 163cm and 45kg, but I have a little tummy and my cheeks are a little chubby, while my hips and butt look like they belong to a 10y.o. I could either get lipo or do what I'm doing right now: dieting and doing cardio to reduce my overall body fat and squats and lunges to build up my booty.
  3. Chocobo is right, unfortunately, spot reducing is not an option :sad: You can do weight training and strengthening exercises to build muscle in that area, to maybe make it look more toned, but you won't be able to reduce body fat from one specific location. Try doing moderate cardio and add in weight/resistance training for your lower half and an ab routine :smile:
  4. Thanks for your answers,I will definitely exercise and at least be more toned.
    -and drink plenty of water -
    But isn´t it that by doing weights the muscles "eat" some of the fat ?
  5. ^^Since muscles burn more calories than fat, by increasing your muscle mass you'll also increase your basal metabolic rate, so you'll burn more calories in a day doing the same activities. But the extra fat you burn does not necessarily come from the areas "where the muscles are". Like Cristina said, you should definitely exercise to tone up the areas you want to slim down.

  6. Weight training, like Chocobo said, raises your metabolism, so you burn more calories while you're at rest, sitting at your desk, etc. It raises your BMR so that you burn more, and you can eat more :graucho: at least that's the way I see it! :lol: However, that doesn't mean that the weight that you lose will come from those trouble spots you mentioned. Your body just loses the pounds, unfortunately we can't choose where they come from.

    Weight training will increase your muscle mass and help you look more toned overall, so definitely add it to your routine. I used to do strictly cardio and found the biggest change in my body came from lifting moderate to heavy weights and combining that with regular cardiovascular work. It made a huge difference.
  7. Try "leg cranks" they are awful but they get great results. I've been doing them for a month now and I can see a definate improvement in the appearance of my legs and glutes.

    24 reps of speed squats
    24 reps of alternating lunges
    25 reps of lunge jumps (this is what will kill you)
    12 reps of squat jumps

    Do this for six weeks starting with 2 circuits and increasing each week until you reach 6 circuits. Start with a 1 minute rest between exercises and gradually reduce that as well until you can do all 6 sets straight through on week six.