HELP needed in the "Cerises" section ;O)

  1. Hey :smile:

    I'm currently searching for a Bucket Cerises, but the more I look around, the more confused I become...

    Are they certain things to look out for? Any ways to see if it's a genuine bag? Can they be different?

    I don't have a certain bag, that I'm looking for - if so I could post a link.....

    Any advice in the Cerise section?

  2. Erm
    Well i would say your best bet for a auth bag is
    They always get L.E bags in
    good luck :smile:
  3. Thanks :smile:

    - but I think it'll be rather expensive for me in taxes and customs? They're sending from the US right?

  4. Erm i don't think so someone correct me if i'm wrong but some reason i thought Hong-Kong! Lemme check that out . But shipping is included in the price shown.

    EDIT: yep
    Where is let-trade located?
    let-trade is located in Hong Kong but we do able to ship item to World-Wide without problem.
  5. There are many things too look out for when looking for an authentic Cerises bag. However, it's best that all of these details not be revealed publicly as there are many lurkers out there, some possibly counterfeiters, and we don't want to help them perfect their fakes. :yucky:

    If you have any authenticity questions, please feel free to post them here:

    Oh by the way... welcome to tPF! :welcome:
  6. Hey :O)

    Thanks for the welcoming - nice forum! :O)

    I understand perfectly.....didn't think of that, but we don't want 'them' to get any more clever than they already are! Too many "good" fakes out there already :sad:

  7. They ship from Hong Kong and while the shipping is not very expensive the customs fees can be very expenisive depending on what you buy. Customs is funny sometimes they don't charge, sometimes they charge a heavy fee it just depends. That is just something to be aware of though as many people are suprised when they get nailed by customs for an additional fee.
  8. Well exactly! I bought a Musette Conte de fees a while ago - from the states and boy did I have a problem when my sweet post lady was at my doorstep demanding quite a heavy customs fee! Not such a good deal after all :O)))
    But I still love it...heavy customs or not :p